Give your students the opportunity to show off all the learning they have accomplished throughout the school year with these 9 end of the year activities they are sure to love.

9 End of the Year Activities to Pull it All Together

As we approach the end of another amazing school year, it’s time to celebrate the incredible journey of learning our students have undertaken. But, how do we wrap up all that learning and give our students the opportunity to show what they know? With exciting end of the year activities

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Get your students into the swing of spring with these STEM Earth Day Activities you can do with little to no cost on your part!

STEM Earth Day Activities for Elementary Students

With Earth Day approaching, it’s time to dive into some exciting Earth Day STEM activities that celebrate the wonders of nature. As a nature enthusiast and STEM advocate, I’m always on the hunt for engaging projects for my students. When I can use STEM Earth Day activities that spark curiosity

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Bring in the luck of the Irish with these easy STEM activities for St. Patrick's Day.

5 St. Patrick’s Day Easy STEM Activities for Elementary

I absolutely love including some festive fun into our routines, especially when it comes to holiday activities! There’s just something magical about seeing the joy in the kids’ eyes and feeling the energy skyrocket when we give our everyday routines a holiday spin. And hey, with St. Patrick’s Day just

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Football STEM activities for football season or the Super Bowl

Football STEM Ideas That Make You Say “Touchdown!”

As the countdown to the Super Bowl begins, there’s a palpable buzz in the air – the excited chatter of fans, the friendly banter between rival supporters, and the collective anticipation of a sports spectacle that unites millions. In the midst of all of this, I found myself pondering the

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Teach your students how to build a character while practicing mouse skills with these interactive and exciting activities they will love.

Practice Mouse Skills with Build a Character Activities

Let’s stroll down memory lane to our childhoods, where dressing up dolls or diving into those sticker/magnetic books was the highlight of our imaginative play. Now, let’s give it a modern twist and make it digital, adding a dash of tech-savvy fun to the mix. Enter Build a Character, the

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Jazz up your digital lesson plans with these exciting stop motion digital animation activities your students won't be able to get enough of!

Digital Animation: A Guide to Stop Motion in Google Slides

Ready to shake things up in the classroom? I’ve gathered some resources that’ll not only jazz up your teaching game but also sprinkle a healthy dose of creativity on your students. Today, we’re exploring the universe of stop-motion digital animation, and guess what? The only tool your students will need

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Use these entertaining activities to help your students get in meaningful mouse practice this year.

Mouse Practice Mastery: Essential Tips for Students

In today’s tech-savvy world, it’s super important for students of all ages to have some solid tech skills under their belts. One of those must-have skills is knowing their way around a computer mouse. Teaching this skill doesn’t have to be boring or feel like a broken record. In fact,

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Use these awesome and fun projects to start coding in the elementary classroom today!

Coding in the Elementary Classroom Made Easy

In today’s classroom, it’s important to give our students diverse experiences. And, with the world of technology all around them, how do we make sure we are giving our students exposure to tech skills beyond using computers and tablets? With coding! And, I’m not only talking about coding using computers

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