Hi STEM lovers! I am Dena from New Jersey. I am currently an enrichment & technology teacher for grades 1-4. I’ve also been a homeroom and special education teacher. 

I was so lost when I was placed into a new position teaching 350 students a week in five different grade levels. My district had very high expectations to incorporate new technology and STEM, with zero guidance. They were very supportive about giving me what I needed, but gave me the flexibility to achieve this in the way that I wanted. I spent years researching new ideas, attending conferences, and trying to put all of this into one cohesive plan.

Then something magical happened … I began sharing my classroom projects with others! I received DMs and emails from teachers around the world who were in the same position as me, who were also searching for hours for new ideas and felt frustrated with the lack of guidance. 

I LOVE trying new ideas with my students and I am here to show you all of my tricks. My goal is to provide you with tools and strategies for implementing digital projects, using new technology, and creating engaging projects.

Technology has always been my jam & that is why I absolutely love helping others & sharing my passion for using technology in the classroom by presenting professional development workshops in my district, ISTE, Teach with Tech, and Launch Into Tech Online Conferences. Along with teaching in the classroom, I run my online store, Miss Tech Queen, on Teachers Pay Teachers providing resources for other educators around the world. 

In addition, I am a Google and Flipgrid certified teacher, as well as an Osmo Ambassador. I was even featured on PBS,  NJTV’s Learning Live & Camp TV

I am so glad you are here! I can’t wait to connect with you. If you feel lost like I once was, feel free to email or DM me with any questions! Let’s be friends & part of the STEM Squad!