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Check out these tips, tricks, and resources to make your year as a STEM teacher newbie a success.

STEM Teacher 101: A Survival Guide for Newbies

Welcome to the exciting world of STEM teaching! As a new STEM teacher, you’re about to embark on a rewarding journey filled with discovery and innovation. Navigating the role of a “specials” teacher, where you’ll engage with multiple classes each day, presents unique challenges and opportunities. Let’s dive in and

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Integrate STEM and language arts learning into your curriculum with these fun and exciting projects your students can do all year long!

STEM and Language Arts: Making the Connection

As educators, we know the importance of integrating various disciplines to create a well-rounded learning experience for our students. From math and science to language arts, we know how important it is to focus on cross-curricular learning in today’s classroom. But, what about STEM? Where does that fit in? I

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Get your students into the swing of spring with these STEM Earth Day Activities you can do with little to no cost on your part!

STEM Earth Day Activities for Elementary Students

With Earth Day approaching, it’s time to dive into some exciting Earth Day STEM activities that celebrate the wonders of nature. As a nature enthusiast and STEM advocate, I’m always on the hunt for engaging projects for my students. When I can use STEM Earth Day activities that spark curiosity

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Bring in the luck of the Irish with these easy STEM activities for St. Patrick's Day.

5 St. Patrick’s Day Easy STEM Activities for Elementary

I absolutely love including some festive fun into our routines, especially when it comes to holiday activities! There’s just something magical about seeing the joy in the kids’ eyes and feeling the energy skyrocket when we give our everyday routines a holiday spin. And hey, with St. Patrick’s Day just

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Shifting from STEM to STEAM in the classroom will be fun and easy with these easy to follow tips, tricks, and activities.

Shifting From STEM to STEAM in the Classroom

Our students have come a long way from memorizing facts and answering questions by filling in bubbles to show learning over the past few decades. In fact, in today’s classroom, learning from the process is just as, if not more important, than the outcome. So, when I started to think

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Use these 5 tips and tricks to start a makerspace in your classroom this year.

Tips and Ideas to Help You Start a Makerspace

I get questions every week asking what I use in my makerspace and how to begin one. I’m so happy to be able to share with you all the tips and tricks I have learned along the way to start and maintain a successful makerspace. In 2017, I switched from teaching

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