Sphero Specdrums for the classroom

Are you looking for new and engaging tools for the classroom? Look no further than Sphero’s Specdrums.
Specdrum rings work wirelessly with a light sensor to read colors. Once connected with the app on a device, the pressing down with the ring will cause various sounds to play. With these rings, students can create music! The app comes with many preset beats and tunes that mimic the functions of digital drums, keyboards, and MIDI pads.

Students do not have to use the play pad, since the rings can read color from any objects! This means you can play on your book, post-it note, water bottle and so on! It makes it fun, but also allows for more creativity and problem solving. What will they play on next?

The Specdrum app even allows you to change a sound to your own voice recording. This can be used for many educational activities, such as, sounding out sight words, letter sounds, identifying colors, and more. This is a great center activity where students can match sounds and colors with photos.

Students also have the option to record what they create. Students can make their own song with only two rings, a device, and the play pad. Specdrums provides an outlet for practicing music using your hands without loud, expensive, and large physical instruments. This allows you to include the A in STEAM and encourage the arts in any classroom!

For more information, check out my video review on Youtube.

Let me know if you will be using these in your classroom!

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