Amazon PRIME DAY Makerspace Finds

Hoping to start your makerspace on a budget? On July 15 Amazon begins PRIME DAY, two days full of savings and deals!! It starts on July 15 at 12:00 am and will run until July 16 at 11:59 pm Here are some amazing resources you can use in your classroom that will be on sale!

Shop Smart

You can begin browsing some deals now! Set notifications by tapping “watch this deal,” so Amazon alerts you when it is available for purchase. For some items, there is only a certain number that can be purchased, so you must move fast! Look for the prime day badge to make sure it is a deal only at this time.

Extra Savings

In your Amazon app, use the camera button in the search bar to find items. This will unlock an EXTRA 20% on some deals! It is so easy to use, just tap the camera and aim it at an item in your home you are looking for.  Amazon will find that item or similar. This is a great feature to use if you’re out somewhere and want to quickly search for a book or product to compare on Amazon. You can also see how furniture will look in your room with the camera button.

Get $10 Credit

If you install the Amazon Assistant Chrome extension, you will receive a $10 credit to use on any $50 purchase. Shop through the Amazon extension to receive this. This tool is so helpful as you shop on various websites. The assistant will pop up and let you know if the same item is on Amazon, so you can always find the best deals!

Lego Boost Star Wars

Lego Boost now comes in a super cool Star Wars kit!!! This is currently an exclusive prime launch. Students will build with legos to create R2D2 or two other robots. They then sync this robot with a device to program and control it using code. I use the original Lego Boost in my classroom and my students love it, so I will definitely be getting this one too. Click here to shop.

Save 30% on Cricut Air 2 Fushia Bundle

Your students can create so many fabulous projects with Cricut. They can show their creativity when using design space and turn their hand drawn or computer created ideas into printed projects. Use iron on vinyl to customize materials or stick on vinyl for wood or plastic. There are so many possibilities! Plus, you can use it to decorate your own classroom too!

Save 33% on a 3D Pen from MYNT3D

Looking to 3D print, but can’t afford a printer? Try a 3D pen! This device is smaller, but can allow students a similar experience. Students can create many different designs with the pen, as it releases filament when you press and move the pen. It even charges with a USB!

New Deals

Your students will be creating wonderful projects with these resources! I will add more as they appear!!!

Comment below if you will be shopping Prime Day! 

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