Spring Digital Activities Building Adventures

Spring is finally here and that means birds, bugs, and of course flowers. Spring is definitely one of my favorite seasons, so I have created some fun spring digital activities my students absolutely love. But the learning doesn't stop with fun . . . these spring digital activities are packed with important skills like mouse skills, drag & drop, resizing photos, copying & pasting, duplicating, editing and turning photos, and more. I am so excited to share these three spring digital activities you will love using in your classroom for tech practice, early finisher activities, or even fun Friday activities.

Spring Digital Activities: Springtime Quest

This fun and engaging Springtime quest is perfect for every grade but especially great for younger students. It uses a storyline to engage students and keep their attention throughout the entire process.

The object of this quest is to build different objects on each slide using a prompt. Because there is an included audio clip to tell the students a story, it helps keep them focused, excited, and engaged while creating their digital objects. That also makes these activities perfect for pre-readers and emerging readers.

Each object they build will help them achieve their goal of planting and blooming their very own digital flowers. Examples of some of the building challenges in the Springtime Quest include:

  • Make gardening tools
  • Use rods to make soil
  • Make a watering can using bricks
  • Use rods to make a sun
  • Make worms with cubes

Students absolutely love building these items and it is a great way to incorporate some plant vocabulary too.

See The Springtime Quest in Action!

Check out the video below to see some of these spring digital activities in action!

Spring Digital Activities: Building Mat Challenge

If you have ever used pattern blocks with your students, I'm sure you already know how fun and engaging it is for your students. This Building Mat Challenge uses the same concept, but with digital images and materials, students can use to complete each picture.

Digital building mats like these help students learn to manipulate digital products as they learn with these spring digital activities

I love using the guided building mats in this challenge. It helps the students see what the finished product should look like. They have to use critical thinking skills as well to choose the correct digital objects and arrange them in the correct way to complete each picture.

I can tell you this is one of those spring digital activities my students always look forward to working on in my classroom. There is a special surprise at the end of the challenge that students absolutely love.

As they work through each of the 10 challenges, they are rewarded with a digital sticker. These digital stickers show up on the last slide along with a cute springtime background. Students can then manipulate the stickers to create their very own springtime scene.

This is a wonderful activity to help your younger students work on using the mouse, dragging and dropping items, and some hand-eye coordination. They won't even realize all the skills they are developing with this engaging activity.

Spring Brick Building Challenge

This Brick Building challenge is great for students who really love working with connecting blocks like LEGO. But, you don't have to factor in the setup and clean-up time for all those tiny little pieces! I like to use this activity with my older students because it's a little more challenging.

Your students will love using digital bricks to complete these spring digital activities

This challenge also includes a pre-build activity for students to complete. I think it's so important to ask students to predict, describe, and even sketch out designs before we begin building anything in my class. It's part of the Design Thinking Process which is a big part of my teaching curriculum.

After completing the pre-build activity, it's time for students to jump into the Brick Building challenges. Some challenges present students with specific parameters like the number of blocks to be used, and some are more open.

My students love completing the challenges which require students to build items like:

  • Beehive
  • Chocolate bunny
  • Caterpillar
  • Easter egg
  • Flowerpot

At the end of each challenge, students are required to complete a post-build reflection. This helps them evaluate the process and the outcome of their build. This step gives students the opportunity to reflect on their builds and think about what they could do to improve their build. It helps them learn from mistakes and celebrate what they did well.

Digital Activities for Spring

These spring digital activities are sure to be an instant hit in your classroom! All of these spring digital activities are included in the Spring Building Adventures 3 Digital Challenges resource available in my TPT store! Grab it today for fun and engaging digital activities your students will love completing this spring.

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