Building With Math- Building Brick Activities

Looking to incorporate new ideas into your math period? Hands-on math makes learning fun! No student wants to complete plain worksheets all period long to practice drills!!

In my class, I incorporate building bricks / Legos into my math lessons, so students can practice their math skills while building.

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In Kindergarten, students practice sorting colors and counting the amount of bricks used to build the photo. Students also identify sight words and colors while adding up the total.

In first and second grade students begin to add to 12 by rolling two dice and adding the numbers. Students move on to adding two digit numbers together by rolling four dice.

Third and fourth graders practice multiplying with the more difficult sheets. Students roll two dice and multiply numbers 1 to 6 or 1 to 12 to practice their facts. Fourth graders begin multiplying two digit numbers by adding together a pair of dice. As they solve problems they match the product to the color brick they must use.

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My students enjoyed practicing their facts while building various themed photos. I hope yours do too!!

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