Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Resources Your Students Will Love!

Star Wars Day is seriously one of my favorite, but lesser-known holidays to celebrate with my students. There are so many ways to incorporate the fun and excitement of the Star Wars universe while hitting important learning goals in your classroom. Whether you are a Star Wars Padawan or Jedi these fun and engaging activities are for you!

Inspiring Students With Star Wars Themed Resources

May is an exciting month with a lot going on. From testing to end-of-the-year activities May is going to fly by. Using Star Wars Day themed images is a great way to incorporate some positive and inspiring energy into the month.

Classroom Decor

I love decorating my door and classroom bulletin boards with fun and engaging images to inspire my students. With Star Wars Day at the beginning of the month, that means I can put up my classroom decor and keep it up for the whole month!

One of my favorite ways to add Star Wars decor is with inspirational phrases and images of Luke, Leia, R2-D2, lightsabers, and even Yoda cutouts.

Some of my favorite phrases for Star Wars Day decor include:

  • Jedi Academy
  • Do or Do Not. There is no Try.
  • Jedi in Training
  • Your Focus Determines Your Reality
  • The Force is Strong in This Classroom

I use the cutouts and phrases as door decor or fun bulletin board displays my students absolutely love!

Motivational Star Wars Day Tags

I love these Star Wars tags and so do my students.

Tags like these Star Wars Day themed tags are the perfect way to give your kids a quick motivational message before a big test.

On May 4th, as my students are walking into the classroom, I hand each student a tag. They are always super excited to see what character and saying they will get.

I also like to give my students a little time at the beginning of class for a “tag swap”. They love seeing all of the different tags available and trading with one or more students to get the tags they want.

Another option for these tags is to pass them out or tape them to students’ desks before end of the year state testing. They are a great encouragement to students. It’s a fun way to motivate your students and inspire them to do their best on the big test.

Star Wars Bookmarks

Believe it or not, my students adore bookmarks! I always include bookmarks in my classroom prize box and my students love them. For May, I use these amazing bookmarks which are a huge hit!

To make them even more special, I head on over to my local dollar store to grab some glowsticks and pencils. All I have to do is laminate the bookmarks, and attach a glowstick and pencil to the back with tape, and Voila!, you’ve got a super fun Star Wars Day treat your students will love.

Star Wars Day STEM Activities

I am always looking for fun and engaging STEM activities I can relate to a holiday or season. So, when May rolls around, it’s time for me to break out my May The Fourth STEM activities.

With fun Star Wars themed STEM activities on the agenda student engagement is sky-high. Some of the activities I like to include are building a new ship for Han Solo, helping Rey and Finn escape the Empire base, creating a mask for a new Sith Lord, and creating your very own droid out of recycled materials to name a few. Your students will love these hands-on themed STEM challenges and you can quickly and easily fill those May lesson plans!

When I use STEM challenges in my classroom, I love to incorporate digital slideshows along with printable worksheets for students to help them brainstorm and draw out their designs. I also make sure to allow my students to show off their amazing creations and fill out reflection sheets about the entire process.

Be sure to check out my post “May the Fourth be With You: Six STEM Activities to Celebrate Stars Wars Day” for even more fun and engaging ways I use Star Wars-themed STEM challenges during the month of May.

Get in on the Fun!

As you can probably already tell, I love celebrating with my students!

I also love any opportunity to dress up and get silly for my students, and they love it too!

One of my favorite accessories is my Chewbacca mask! Not only does it look super silly, but it makes sounds too! You can grab it from Amazon and get it in time for May the fourth by clicking here!

And, of course, no theme day is complete without a cool t-shirt. I wait all year to wear my “Teacher by Day, Jedi by Night” shirt. Pair it with my Wookie mask and it’s a match made in intergalactic heaven!

Get Ready for May and Star Wars Day

These are just a few of my favorite resources and activities for an amazing Star Wars themed month. You can grab all of these activities and MORE in my May 4 Activities BUNDLE! It has everything you need to kick off an intergalactic month of engaging activities your students will love!

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