4 Inspiring Edtech Companies And What Teachers Can Learn From Them

The future of education is becoming more hybrid as technology advances. As seen in the past few years, students transitioning to remote learning and then adapting to hybrid learning has been made possible with the support of their teachers and with the help of technology. As evident in Education Week’s special report, 87% of teachers say they have improved their ability to use educational technologies and that it has made them innovate the way they teach. These digital learning tools help with better student outcomes and learning experiences, and they also provide an easy way of learning at home.

With the transition back to classroom learning, teachers and students alike are looking at EdTech companies and the tools that could continue to aid them. Let’s take a look at these EdTech companies and what we can learn from them.


In a technology-driven 21st century, it’s only normal for many EdTech companies to center on coding and help students learn it earlier in life. Kodable helps kids learn programming concepts through fun games and activities.

Likewise, teachers can also get the tools they need to help teach their students coding and all things computer science. Teachers might also get an idea of how to replicate their activities even if their access to tech is limited. As we said in our past discussion on Miss Tech Queen, incorporating coding in your classroom activities is possible!

New Globe

EdTech isn’t just about popular mobile and desktop applications; it also concerns itself with transforming public education to create solutions that will drive development. NewGlobe is a digital learning platform that aims to support state and national governments through a technology-empowered education system. They offer specially designed tablets that help access the NewGlobe services in the cloud.

Teachers can receive coaching and training with NewGlobe. Moreover, their digital support platform helps teachers preview and practice all the instructional materials on their tablets. It’s truly a platform that empowers teachers through performance data and centralized dashboards.


Udacity is an online-based learning platform where students can learn job-ready skills. The school focuses on open online courses and micro-credential programs. They have partnered with a lot of big tech companies and provide courses to give students up-to-date industry-relevant knowledge.

With Udacity, teachers can see the value of tech-related courses and why a lot of students have been eyeing these programs. It would be easy to incorporate core technological concepts into everyday lesson plans to give the students the basic knowledge they need. Here, they will also be inspired into making sure that their lessons are up-to-date and relevant to the real world.


Aside from cementing its place in pop culture, Duolingo is the world’s most famous language-learning platform that can help people master over 30 languages through various fun activities. Recently, they have launched Duolingo for Schools where teachers have dashboards to manage classrooms, create assignments, and view student activity.

From Duolingo, teachers can pick up how to make language learning fun and exciting. Most students think of language classes as hard and complicated, but teachers can make it simple through activities and having “streaks” as bonuses for their students.

Written by Chelly Donna Archer
Exclusive for misstechqueen.com

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