Virtual Field Trips and Real World Learning with STEM Quest

Who's ready for a field trip? Nothing gets kids more excited than hearing those 6 words from a teacher. But, what if you want to take a field trip without the permission slips, the hassle of bus scheduling, toting bagged lunches around, and worrying about the weather? Go on a VIRTUAL field trip of course! Just like a certain frizzy-haired school bus driving teacher, you can take your students on virtual field trips to amazing places like space. I am so excited to share with you how I use STEM and virtual field trips together for exciting and engaging field trips my students can't get enough of.

What are STEM Quest Virtual Field Trips?

STEM Quest virtual field trips are a mix between a web quest, a virtual field trip, and an escape room. I created these STEM Quest virtual field trips for students to complete interactive challenges based on STEM topics. They also solve a riddle based on the theme at the end of the quest. Using websites, videos, Google Earth, and more, students are immersed and engaged in the learning.

Check out this video to see a STEM Quest virtual field trip in action.

Virtual Field Trips: Let's go to Space!

I bet you never thought you would say that to your students. Using the STEM Quest virtual field trips you can send your kids on a super fun space adventure.

Your young astronauts will be super excited to open the Google slides and begin their Stem Quest virtual field trip. Using a virtual game board and colored pawn, students move along the path. They click on links along the path that take them to challenge pages.

Exploring the Planets

My students love completing the challenges because they are unique and interactive. For example, when students are learning about the planets in our solar system, they just click to play the video on the slide. This National Geographic video takes students on a trip through our solar system. They will learn all about the planets in our solar system and what makes them unique.

After watching the video, students can drag and drop the names of the planets to classify them by Terrestrial or Jovian. It's such a fun and interactive way of learning that students get super excited about.

Visit the Space Station

One of my student's absolute favorite activities in the space STEM Quest virtual field trip has got to be using Google Earth. It's such an amazing resource for students to use to explore our awesome planet!

In the Space STEM Quest, students are invited to visit the International Space Station. How cool is that?! The excitement in the room during this part of the virtual field trip is electric. Students are able to explore the International Space Station and learn so many fun facts about it while also getting a super cool look at earth from high above.

Once students are done with their exploration, they come back to the Google Slides and answer questions relating to what they learned about the space station.

I promise this will be an activity they won't want to stop. So, be prepared for students to ask if they can explore more during an indoor recess day, free time, or even at home with their families.

Bring it Back to Earth

Students complete their STEM Quest by filling in their answers on a Google form. This makes it super easy for you to keep track of their learning. You can even print out the spreadsheet to keep with your class grade book.

Virtual Field Trips: Take a Dive in the Ocean

How great would it be if we could take our students on a field trip to explore the ocean? I would be all for it! But, that may be a little out of budget for your school district.

This STEM Quest virtual field trip will get your students excited to dive into learning all sorts of fun and exciting information about our oceans.

Just like the Space STEM Quest, your students will use a virtual game board and colored pawn to move along the path clicking on links that take them to the challenge pages.

Reading for Research

Your little oceanographers will be so excited to learn some fun facts about our oceans by reading an engaging National Geographic Kids article. The article is full of interesting facts, pictures, and videos your students will be excited to explore. One video even features an amazing octopus showing off its camouflage skills.

After reading, your students will come back to the question page and type in the answers to 5 questions relating to the article. If they aren't sure of an answer it's super easy for them to return to the article by clicking the link on the slide again.

That's one of my favorite things about these virtual field trips. Everything is easily accessible by students and can be done independently.

Plastic Pollution

We all know how bad plastic pollution is in our oceans, but maybe not how much of an impact it has on the ecosystem.

This challenge gets students thinking about how humans are contributing to the pollution of the ocean with an engaging National Geographic Kids article.

The article includes pictures, facts, and figures about how plastic pollution is harming marine life. It's a great way for students to learn how the choices they make in their everyday lives may affect other creatures on our planet.

After their reading research, your students will love completing the fun sorting activity on the Google slide. They will need to clean up the ocean by dragging and dropping the pollution out of the scene. It's such a fun way for your students to show what they know.

Land Ho!

Just like the Space STEM Quest, this virtual field trip ends with students filling out a Google form to show what they know. Your students will love learning so much about the oceans while completing this Ocean STEM Quest. After students submit their Google form, you can even leave a comment for them.

Virtual Field Trips are for Everyone

These STEM Quest virtual field trips are great for elementary students and can be used as independent work, group work, or even center activities. You can also use them as an ongoing early finisher activity. No matter how you choose to use them in your classroom, your students will be so excited. Get ready for your journey with the STEM Quest Virtual Field Trip Bundle which includes both the Space STEM Quest and the Ocean STEM Quest and is available on the Miss Tech Queen TPT page.

Check out this video to see a STEM Quest virtual field trip preview.

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