Spring STEM Activities for Kids

Spring has Sprung

I don’t know about you, but spring has to be my favorite time of year! I love the warmer weather, all the new life, and the promise of summer. As a teacher spring can be joyful but also stressful! Students start to get a little squirrely this time of year and testing is right around the corner. Having some great spring STEM activities for kids is a lifesaver in the classroom! STEM activities are great for keeping your students engaged and thinking on deeper levels! Here are some great spring STEM activity ideas!

Recycling Challenges

One of my favorite spring STEM activities for kids is recycling challenges. Spring is so often a time of clean up and what better way to clean up than to upcycle! This activity has super easy to get materials, you can build with anything you have around the house! You can even use an Amazon box! Students will find something and then recycle it into something else that can be used. For example maybe they turn a box into a chair or bridge! 

It is so fun to see the creativity of your students with this activity! It’s also an awesome opportunity to teach students the principle of recycling which will benefit them their whole lives! This is the perfect activity to do around Earth day and help students realize the impact they can have on our planet! I also love certificates and stickers that you can give to students when they complete the challenge! Click here to see this challenge.

Tie in Nature

What better spring activities are there than ones that tie in nature!? The world is coming alive again and it’s the perfect time to teach our students more about the amazing world around us! One idea is to have students create a birdhouse as a STEM challenge. This activity uses simple materials and even has a Google slideshow to learn more about birds. 

In the interactive slideshow students will learn more about bird homes with an engaging video and then answer critical thinking questions. They will also learn more about recycling and its importance. You will also be given a few great ideas for books to read with students to increase their understanding of both recycling and birds! This spring STEM activity for kids will be so much fun for students and is an excellent way to integrate your science core in an exciting way!

Incorporate Math

As teachers we have to be good at incorporating our main content with other fun and exciting activities for students. Another spring STEM activity for kids is challenging students to create spring pictures with pattern blocks. This is another low prep activity that will have your students excited about math! Just grab some pattern blocks and get started. I provide my students with a  recording sheet where they will note how many of each shape they have used in their pictures. If you don’t have pattern blocks, you can always print and cut shapes for students to use. Laminate them for use year after year!

Your students will love all of these spring STEM activities!? These all require basic materials, so you can implement them in your own classroom easily. If you want ready to use challenges, all three activities are included in my Spring STEM Activities with Google Distance Learning Bundle. Plus, you get two other great spring STEM activities! All of my STEM activities are low prep and perfect for in-person or distance learning! All of these activities also come with a great read aloud book option to tie in literacy. Another awesome feature is also all of these activities are totally adaptable to YOU! Each of the slideshows can be adapted to best fit your students and each activity has multiple levels of difficulty that can be adjusted. 

Building with Blocks

No matter what age, students love to build with blocks! Even adults still love building! I love to provide my students with spring spark cards to spark your students’ imaginations. Some examples include a rainbow, Easter egg, and flower. For this activity you can use any small manipulatives including Lego, wooden blocks, unit cubes, and plus-plus blocks. 

If you don’t have building blocks, there are some great online and free resources online where students can build. One option includes mecabricks.com. You will be amazed at all the creative ideas your students are able to come up with! For extra fun, join in, and see what spring building you can create!


I hope that these spring STEM activities for kids will be useful in your classroom or in your students’ homes! I love challenging my students and their creativity! Grab one or all of these awesome spring activities and celebrate spring with your students in an educational and fun way!

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