St. Patrick’s Day STEM Challenges Your Students Will Love!

It is almost St. Patrick’s Day which means it’s time to break out some super fun St. Patrick’s Day STEM challenges! I don’t know what it is about this fun, green little holiday, but I love it! Spring is in the air and the school year is starting to draw to a close. With testing on the horizon, take some time out for some fun St. Patrick’s Day STEM Challenges your kids are sure to love. Here are some of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day STEM challenges.

St. Patrick’s Day STEM Challenges are probably some of my favorite activities to do with my students in the spring! I love to get them thinking in different and deeper ways whenever I can. Plus, St. Patrick’s Day STEM challenges are always so much fun for kids! It is such a blast to see the creative designs and problem-solving that students come up with.

I often get asked what materials to use when working on STEM challenges in the classroom. My go to for STEM builds are always recyclables. Items like newspaper, kleenex boxes, toilet paper rolls and plastic bottles all make great STEM supplies. Collecting recyclables is also an easy & FREE way to get many materials. Make your need known to parents and set-up a donation box in the front of the school. If you make it easy for parents to donate, they usually will.

If you have a lot of students or not enough materials, try using reusable items like Lego, wooden blocks, unit cubes.

St. Patrick’s Day STEM Challenge: Leprechaun Trap

One of the activities I know students look forward to each year is building a leprechaun trap! This is the perfect opportunity to pull in some literacy to use with your St. Patrick’s Day STEM challenge.

I love reading How to Catch a Leprechaun before starting our St. Patrick’s Day STEM challenge Leprechaun trap.

After reading this amazingly fun book, it’s time for students to start thinking about the design for their leprechaun trap. This St. Patrick’s Day STEM challenge not only asks students to think creatively but to also solve a problem.

In a classroom, this activity is great to do the day before St. Patrick’s Day, so the traps have the opportunity to catch a leprechaun before the kids come back the next day.

If I’m doing this challenge in my STEM classroom, I might ask the classroom teacher if they want to collaborate with me on this. That may mean students complete the reading part in their classroom and the building part in mine. Or, students may do the planning and building in my classroom, and then the presentation of their traps and the reflection pages in their classroom.

No matter how you choose to use this super fun St. Patrick’s Day STEM Leprechaun Trap activity, your kids are sure to have an amazing time doing it.

I am so excited to offer you this FREE CHALLENGE as a super fun take on a St. Patrick’s Day tradition. This STEM challenge is low prep and digital making your teacher life even easier! Be sure to grab your St. Patrick’s Day STEM challenge FREEBIE today!

St. Patrick’s Day Building Adventures

These digital St. Patrick’s Day STEM building adventures are super fun and completely prep-free!

By clicking on the sound button on each slide, students will hear a short story with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. Then, they will follow the prompts for each challenge and build as they go!

It’s another great way to get in some fun technology practice. My students love manipulating, resizing, and copying and pasting the objects on each slide as they complete the fun challenges.

At the end of these engaging St. Patrick’s Day STEM challenges, there are reflection sheets for students to complete. Another checkmark for your digital learning skills. They will have to type their reflections and record their answers right there in the slide.

These St. Patrick’s Day activities are ready to go for Seesaw and Google Classroom and are completely digital.

St. Patrick’s Day Coding Activities

Ozobot Activities

My students love coding with an Ozobot and any time we can whip them out for a little coding fun I know I will have my student’s full attention. This fun St. Patrick’s Day STEM coding maze for Ozobots will be a fast favorite!

With two mats to choose from, I love being able to encourage teamwork and problem-solving while strengthening coding skills!

It even comes with characters for the Ozobot to wear! How fun is that!? I generally group students into pairs or groups of three for this activity.

I have even used it as a center activity on St. Patrick’s Day.

If there was ever a time to intentionally invite an administrator to come to see some of the amazing things your kids are doing… this is that time! 100% engagement, collaboration, problem-solving, coding, and reflection will all be on display along with some super excited students!

BeeBot, Robot Mouse, Sphero, Dash, and Botley Activities

My students also love coding with driveable bots using mats. This coding mat works for Bee Bot, Robot Mouse, Spheros, Dash, and Botley. It comes with 24 different activity squares, 24 task cards, and 6 scenarios.

I love to print out the squares, tape them together and laminate the entire thing to create one large mat. My students then pick task cards that guide them to program the robot. I have even left the squares separated for students to create their own mazes across the floor.

St. Patrick’s Day STEM Fun!

Check out this video to learn more about fun St. Patrick’s Day STEM activities your students will absolutely love!

Looking for More St. Patrick’s Day STEM Digital Activities?

Are you looking for a little bit of everything? Then this amazing digital bundle is exactly what you need!  I love using digital activities because it not only saves me time copying papers & packets, but my students love them as well. This March STEM bundle includes the building adventures, a digital scavenger hunt, 20 building tasks, digital bingo, and my This, That, Build activity! Talk about luck!

Get your own pot of gold with these awesome digital resources and you will have engaging St. Patrick’s Day activities to do with your students all week or month long! You kids will feel like the lucky ones as they are engaged and problem-solving all day long!

Save these St. Patrick’s Day STEM Activities

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