5 Essential Things for Home Learning

Looking for some new tools while you teach from home? Here are some of my favorites!! Click here to view all of my favorites on Amazon.

Hue Camera

The HUE HD Pro is a great tool that can act as a web cam, document cam, and much more. Normally I use this camera in my classroom to film stop motion animation videos. The camera is excellent because it is light weight and has a bendable arm. You can aim it easily and change its position. Since I have been teaching from home, I use this camera as a document cam to display work across video calls.
This camera has a microphone and light. All you need to do is plug it into your USB jack, no software needed. Click here to see how you can easily share it on Zoom. It is very simple and easy to use!

Ring Light

Use a light if you are filming in a darker area. It is best to add extra light on you as you record videos or chat live. There are many easy portable options. If you want a larger light, the Neewer is great!!! For a cell phone light, this Qiaya selfie light is perfect to clip right onto your phone. This will instantly give you a more professional look as you teach!

Blue Light Glasses

Cyxus blue light glasses are not only cute, but effective!! They block out harmful blue rays, which we totally need right now. I purchased these a few years ago and found they helped with reducing headaches. They come in a dozen different colors!!


If you are filming or video chatting, try using a tripod! This makes it much easier to film from afar. Set up a simple background behind you and place your tablet, phone or camera onto the tripod!
Amazon basics makes a great tripod & it even comes with a bag to transport it! I love using the iPow tablet holder. It easily mounts onto the tripod. When you are back in the classroom, take these with you!!! They are excellent for filming green screen or stop motion movies!!!!

Click here to view all of my favorites on Amazon.

I hope these tools are useful for you as you continue distance learning. If you have any more ideas, post them in the comments below!!!!

Good luck, xo Dena

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