Ring in the new year

Happy 2020!! Let’s celebrate the new year with a sale! Two of my favorite items are on sale for only one dollar.

Looking to try more STEM in your classroom? Begin this year! It is easy to create simple challenges for your class using everyday classroom materials. I read Bunny Slopes with my students and then instructed them to build a sled. I found an old cardboard box and turned it into a slope for them to test their sled. You can infuse science and math by recording speed, distance, and more measurements!
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Easily infuse coding into your classroom with unplugged coding! Your students will code a snowman! First, review the steps to building a snowman with your students, then have them code with the sheet. You do not even need a device!! This is a low prep, easy to copy activity! Read a coding book like, How to Code a Sandcastle or How to Code a Rollercoaster to review vocabulary before getting started.
Check out this activity here!

Grab this freebie as you head back to school for 2020. This is an easy way for students to record their goals!

Wishing everyone a
happy and healthy 2020!

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