Our Fun Packed field trip to amazon

Every week at school I try to do anything but the norm. I try to channel my inner 
Ms. Frizzle and expose my students to as many new and exciting learning experiences as I can. 

 Last week, I organized a field trip to AMAZON with my fourth graders. In October, I visited the local Amazon fulfillment center with my father and was amazed. Who really thinks of how that package arrives on their doorstep in two days? Well, I was able to see every step of the way, and thought my students would love it.  During the trip to the fulfillment center, my students saw all of the technology and robotics involved in creating and shipping our packages. They were able to get an up close view of the famous Amazon robots! These bots can lift 1,500 pounds! These bots remind me of Ozobots, as they move across the floor by reading bar codes. It is SOO cool!  After the tour through the facility, the Amazon rep organized a session where students worked with Ozobots to program using code and deliver packages from one side of the room (the paper) to the other. The students absolutely loved the day!! The best part about it, it was FREE. FYI, if you want to take your class to Amazon, check out the tours here.
It was a great way to tie in coding and robotics to the real world. There is so much technology involved once we place an order, to magically finding it on our doorstep.  

Do you use coding and robotics in your classroom? I incorporate it often, so it was great to show students how these skills work in everyday life.  

Are you looking to use more coding in your classroom? I created some unplugged lessons that you can do without a device! Click here to see more.  

If you have bots, you may want to check these mats and mazes out. They’re Valentine’s themed too! Click here for driveable bot activities.

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