Awesome Computer Science Week Activities

Looking to Celebrate computer science in your classroom? Computer science week takes place from December 9 to 13 all around the world! You may have heard of the Hour of Code, this is a huge initiative with Code.Org.

Students should have the opportunity to learn about technology, create their own code, problem solve and more. These skills help our students prepare for the future.

I created a guide to provide you with resources for iPads, computers, and even unplugged activities if you have a shortage of devices! Every student should have the chance to participate during Computer Science Education Week. I extend my activities throughout the month of December, so feel free to continue all month long. If you can not dedicate a lot of time, think about a Fun Friday period, Maker Monday, or Tinker Tuesday.  There are many ways to include CS into your classroom! Click here for the full guide.

Start with some free coding apps and websites that allow students to explore computer code. These lessons are easy to use and ready to go!

Have robots in your classroom? Using activity mats is an easy way to tie in curriculum topics while students program the robot. Students work in pairs to pick cards, and match the question to an answer on the activity mat. They then must program their bot to get to that specific spot. It gives the students more direction and structure while practicing various skills.

My students love to use mazes with Ozobots. This helps students focus on which code to use, and avoids common line errors. Creating different themes is a fun way to code and differentiate lessons! This way you can code all year round!

Looking to tie in literacy with coding? Check out some of my favorite computer / technology books. These introduce vocabulary in a fun way! They pair great with my coding vocabulary posters and lessons.
I created my own specifically made for K-4. My students as young as kindergarten understand what a programmer does and what a bug is! View some of my favorites here.

Click here to access the full FREE guide I created. Hope it helps you as you begin Computer Science Education Week. Please message me on Instagram or email me with any questions!!

Happy Coding!

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