9 End of the Year Activities to Pull it All Together

As we approach the end of another amazing school year, it’s time to celebrate the incredible journey of learning our students have undertaken. But, how do we wrap up all that learning and give our students the opportunity to show what they know? With exciting end of the year activities and projects! These activities are full of concepts and skills your students have been focusing on during the school year. And, they are sure to keep them busy and engaged during those last busy weeks of school. Let’s check out these 9 End of the Year Projects you can start using in your classroom today!

1. Create a Comic Strip

These comic strip templates make a great end of the year project or activity. Choose any topic that your students have learned about and have them create a comic strip about it. They will be reviewing what they learned and using topic related vocabulary words as they create their comic strip. From explaining the American Revolution to a comic strip about metamorphosis, this activity is a great one.

These templates can also be used for a fun creative writing activity about the school year. Give each student a different event that happened during the school year and have students create a comic strip about it. Then bind them all together to make a comic strip about your year. Your students will love it and it will be a unique memory book they will cherish.

These comic book templates are a great addition to your STEM end of the year activities and give students the opportunity to showcase some amazing digital skills while creating a work of art.

There are so many ways you can use these templates to fit the needs of your classroom. Here are a few more that your students will love at the end of the year or any time:

  • Demonstrate reading comprehension by recreating a story after they read it. Have students create one after each chapter in a novel and they will end up with the entire book in comic strip form.
  • Create a comic strip after writing a fiction story. This is a great way to practice summarizing or retelling skills on a story students wrote.

Whether it is the end of a unit or the end of the year, comic strips make a great platform to engage students in review.

2. Social Media Templates

Get ready for some social media fun with end of the year activities with these social media templates. Designed to spark imagination and critical thinking, these templates offer a wide array of projects for your kiddos.

Your students will love these STEM end of the year activities social media posts that don't actually require the use of social media.

Have your students create a post about their favorite day of the school year. If they need help getting started, spend a few minutes remembering as a class all the amazing activities and things that were learned during the year.

You could also use these pages to create a unique end of the year memory book. Give students a topic or prompt for each page. Things like: my friends, my teacher, and my favorite subject will get them started.

For an added touch, let students create their own hashtags to go with each page. Get ready to inspire creativity and innovation with these dynamic end of the year activities!

3. Biography Report Template End of the Year Activities

A research project is a great end of the year activity for pulling together a variety of skills. This Biography Report Template is the perfect resource for students to show off their curiosity and research skills! Whether they’re delving into the lives of historical figures, inventors, or influential leaders, this template provides a structured, yet flexible, framework for their exploration.

Your students will love putting together this digital biography report as part of their end of the year activities.

With ready-to-use slides, students can seamlessly navigate through each section of their report. Inside they will learn key biographical information and reflect on the impact of their chosen individual. The user-friendly format allows for easy customization, whether students prefer to work individually or collaborate in groups.

From inserting photos to changing fonts and colors, students can personalize their reports while showing off what they’ve learned about digital literacy throughout the school year. Plus, with designated slides for timelines, major life events, and even imagining a day spent with their subject, students can delve deeper into their research and unleash their creativity.

With clear instructions and guidance on citing sources, this template empowers students to conduct thorough research while fostering critical thinking and presentation skills. So, whether it’s exploring the life of a historical trailblazer or a modern-day innovator, this is an end of the year activity that offers a dynamic platform for students to showcase their learning and celebrate the achievements of remarkable individuals.

4. Virtual Fieldtrip Passport Templates

Looking to add an adventurous twist to your end-of-year activities? Look no further than the virtual field trip passport template! Designed to ignite curiosity and foster global exploration, this awesome resource offers an exciting journey for elementary students without having to leave the comfort of the classroom.

When planning your end of the year activities don't forget to include a virtual field trip!  This resource has everything you need to get started.

Simply pair these virtual field trip passport templates with Google Maps, Google Voyager, or Google Earth. This creates an immersive experience that transports students to different countries and landmarks around the world. As your kiddos digitally tour each destination, they can document their discoveries by writing three facts learned on each country’s page. Then, they can begin sketching or writing about a landmark they encountered. With options for coloring in visited countries on a world map and links to virtual travel sites, this passport ensures an engaging and interactive learning experience.

Start by choosing a passport for your students. Then let them customize their passports and add information as they travel. With both print and digital versions available, this resource offers endless possibilities for exploration and discovery, making it the perfect addition to your end-of-year activities!

5. Student Newsletter Template

Add a creative flair to your end-of-year activities with this student newsletter template. It’s the perfect tool to engage young minds and showcase their themed projects! Here’s how to make the most of this versatile resource.

Start by providing students with a print or digital copy of the template. You can customize the template for your specific project by deleting any unwanted slides and adding your own content. Whether it’s a recently studied science topic or a newsletter set inside the time and setting of their favorite book, your students will love creating their own newsletter. By connecting this to other subject areas students will be applying what they learned in a fun and engaging way. That’s what makes this such a great project!

For those who prefer traditional methods, printed copies can be provided. However, the digital version gives them opportunities to pull together all the amazing technology skills they have learned too. Encourage students to showcase their digital skills when using the online template by utilizing drawing tools to add color, shapes, and text to their newsletters. From filling in color to inserting images and charts, the possibilities are endless!

So, whether it’s a culminating project on a topic of study or a Year in Review, this newsletter template is the perfect starting place for a great end of the year project.

6. Digital Journal Prompts End of the Year Activities

Journal prompts are the perfect tool to inspire young minds while incorporating some creative writing into your end of the year activities! These ready-to-go print or digital journal prompts make it easy for students to dive into thinking creatively. With options to type their responses directly on the slides, it’s a seamless process that’s perfect for platforms like Google Classroom or Seesaw.

From imagining intergalactic adventures to designing futuristic robots, the possibilities are endless. Plus, with prompts focusing on favorite websites, the importance of the internet, and fostering a growth mindset, students can explore a wide range of topics while showing off their writing skills.

By igniting their imagination or delving into deeper discussions, these digital journal prompts are sure to add an extra layer of excitement to your end of the year activities!

7. Brochure Template for Google

A brochure template is the perfect resource to engage students while working on end of the year activities. Simply choose the topic and let students get started. This project can be used with topics you have studied in class or as a research project. This brochure template provides a versatile platform for expression.

a brochure template like this gives your students the opportunity to show off their digital skills while also teaching others about a subject they are interested in. This is just one of the many end of the year activities you can use with your students.

Plus, with a focus on drawing tools and customization options, students can unleash their creativity while showing off their digital literacy skills. From choosing fonts and colors to adding shapes, images, and text boxes, the possibilities for customization are endless.

If you prefer to print out the brochure template, students can write and illustrate the sections of their brochure.

For a great end of the year activity, have students create a brochure that will help next year’s students know what to expect. Your students will love sharing about the things they will learn, how to do well in class, and some of the exciting activities that will come. Save a copy of the brochures and put one out on each desk during Meet the Teacher Night or on the first day of school.

Whether you choose the research route, use this as a review activity, or have students help out your future students, this brochure template empowers students to showcase their year-long learning in a fun and interactive way!

8. Google Drawings and Snapchat Geofilter End of the Year Activities

Have you ever used Google Drawing or Snapchat Geofilters? This dynamic duo offers endless possibilities for both teachers and students alike. For teachers, incorporating these resources together can create an exciting interdisciplinary project. And. . . this resource will guide you and your students through all the steps to creating an amazing Snapchat filter.

Imagine guiding your students through the process of designing a Snapchat filter for your school or community using Google Drawing. Not only does this project encourage creativity and innovation, but it also allows students to apply their digital skills in a real-world context.

From brainstorming design ideas to incorporating elements of digital citizenship and graphic design principles, there’s so much to explore! Students will be engaged in a hands-on learning experience like never before. Plus, by turning it into a contest and submitting the top entries to Snapchat, students can see the tangible impact of their work on a global scale. How cool is that?

Here are a few end of the year themes you might choose for the filters:

  • School Pride
  • Last Day of School
  • Field Day
  • Graduation
  • School Awards

9. Tic-Tac-STEM Choice Board

Looking for a fun and interactive way to wrap up your end of the year activities? Look no further than the Tic-Tac-STEM Choice Board! This innovative resource adds a playful twist to learning. In turn, this allows students to engage in hands-on activities while playing a classic game.

These end of the year activities on this fun Tic Tac Toe board will get your students reviewing all they learned through STEM challenges this year.

Simply play with a family member or friend, taking turns marking a spot and completing the corresponding activity together. Whether it’s exploring science experiments, engineering challenges, or math puzzles, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Some of the activities included:

  • Completing one hour of code
  • Creating something awesome with recycled materials
  • Make a stop-motion video
  • Create Stretchy Universe Slime
  • Build a home for an animal
  • Construct a structure to hold up your favorite book
  • Design a 3D house

Plus, with the added challenge of completing all the squares, students will be eager to dive into each activity. And there’s even a response sheet link for students to fill out after completing each activity. It’s a great way for them to record their findings and reflections.

Tic-Tac-STEM is a great way for students to think back to all they learned from a year of STEM projects. This is their chance to show what they learned through a variety of activities. I suggest blocking off about an hour each day for a week to allow students to complete this, or have a full day of STEM fun!

End of the Year Activities to Keep Learning Going

As you wrap up another exciting school year, it’s time to celebrate the journey of learning. You can grab all of these engaging activities in one convenient bundle and save time planning and prepping your final weeks of the school year! From sparking creativity with digital journal prompts and designing Snapchat filters to fostering critical thinking with comic strip templates and exploring the world through virtual field trips, there’s something for every student to enjoy. And. . . these templates are so versatile you can use them all year long too!

Grab this exciting bundle of end of the year activities you can use in your classroom as you approach the end of the school year.

Whether it’s responding to a book, reviewing learning at the end of a unit, or recalling an amazing school year, these activities provide a fun and interactive way to pull it all together. They are also sure to ignite curiosity and imagination. So, make the most of these final days with your kiddos and embark on a journey of discovery and excitement as you bid farewell to another successful year of learning!

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