3 Mess Free Digital STEM Activities You Can Use in Your Classroom Today

Whether you are a STEM newbie or a STEM pro, it’s great to have a mess-free STEM option to use with your students. When I’m looking for engaging STEM activities that don’t require a lot of prep or supplies, I turn to my digital STEM activities. They are perfect for keeping students engaged. And, they include super fun activities your students can complete in centers, as a team, or even as a whole class. Here are three of my favorite digital STEM activities you can use in your classroom today!

Digital STEM Lego Building

Team building activities are some of my favorite activities to do with my classes. No matter the grade level, learning to work collaboratively with others is an excellent skill for kiddos to learn. For this very reason, I knew creating digital STEM activities to help with team building was a must! And, when I combined building bricks with digital activities, I had instant buy-in from my students.

Building with digital bricks is a mess free digital STEM activity!

Digital brick building is the perfect way to get students working together as a team to complete a challenge. I like to break up my class into teams of 3-5 students. Then, let them work together to complete the digital STEM activities. I love that the activities promote problem-solving, thinking skills, AND collaboration.

With 10 basic tasks and 10 advanced tasks, I can easily differentiate for specific groups or grade levels. And, because the activity is open-ended I can help promote creativity. By allowing students to interpret the way they want each challenge to be completed they have a sense of ownership.

If you’ve been hanging around the Miss Tech Queen blog for any amount of time, you probably already know how important it is to allow students to reflect on the process of completing their STEM activities. With response sheets and pre and post-reflection sheets, I can be sure my students are focusing as much on the process as on the finished project.

I can tell you from experience, this Digital STEM Lego Building activity is a perfect no-mess option that covers all of your STEM needs! Not only are they great for team building, but can also be used for early finishers, tech class, and fun Fridays! You can grab this Team Building Digital STEM Activity in the Miss Tech Queen Store today!

Virtual Field Trips STEM Quests

STEM quests have become an instant favorite for my students. They are interactive field trips your students can take on computers or tablets without ever leaving the classroom. They are a mix between a web quest, a virtual field trip, and an escape room. I love these STEM Quest virtual field trips because it gives students challenges to complete based on STEM topics. There is also a riddle for students to solve based on the theme at the end of the quest. Using websites, videos, Google Earth, and more, students are immersed and engaged in learning.

Check out this video to see a STEM Quest in action!

From the International Space Station to the Depths of the Ocean, my students love completing these digital STEM activities independently, as a group, or even in centers. I have also used them as ongoing early finisher activities.

These NO PREP, mess-free digital STEM activities are sure to be a huge success in your classroom this year. The STEM Quest Virtual Field Trip Bundle includes both the Space STEM Quest and the Ocean STEM Quest and is available on the Miss Tech Queen TPT page.

Winter Digital STEM Activities

With winter just around the corner, I have the perfect mess-free digital STEM activities ready for you! They are perfect for those winter days when students are feeling restless from not being able to go outside. Or, use them during your class party before winter break as a center activity your students will rotate through.

My students absolutely love themed STEM challenges. Whether they are holiday or seasonally-themed activities, I know my students will be excited to start. And, the best part is it takes no prep from me!

Completing a winter themed mess free digital STEM activity is a great classroom center.

Kiddos stay engaged in learning as they help an adorable yeti plan a party. Even though these activities feel more like a game, there are so many skills students are exposed to as they complete the challenges.

Targeted skills include:

  • Problem-solving
  • Manipulating objects in a digital environment
  • Typing
  • Self-reflection

Because these activities include audio instructions, you can use them during your center or independent activities!

Be sure to grab these exciting Winter Digital STEM Activities in the Miss Tech Queen TPT store today!

And. . . if you love these winter building challenges then don’t miss the activities for Spring, Summer and Fall too!

Mess-Free and Stress-Free Digital STEM Activities for the Win

All of these fun mess free digital STEM activities mean less stress for you in your teacher life. Everything you need to set up your students for digital STEM learning success is included. Knowing I have engaging and educational lessons ready for my students that don’t require a ton of setup from me is a huge win in my book.

If you are looking for even more fun and engaging STEM activities for your students this year, be sure to sign up for the Miss Tech Queen’s Tool Box! Let me help you with tools and strategies for implementing digital projects, using new technology, and creating engaging projects for your students this year.

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