3 Computer Lab Project Templates to Use in Your Classroom Today!

Have you ever been excited about a computer lab project you wanted to try in your classroom only to find that the amount of time needed to plan, develop, and implement was too overwhelming? I know I have! To help you save more of your precious teacher time, grab some kid-approved computer lab project templates created by yours truly… Miss Tech Queen! Here are 3 ways to use computer lab project templates to keep your students engaged and having fun while learning!

So, what are computer lab project templates? They are Google Classroom compatible templates you can easily edit to fit your lesson plans. It’s as simple as that. From biographies to brochures to social media templates you have fun and engaging activities to fit your computer lab projects!

Let’s take a look at these awesome computer lab project templates you can start using in your classroom today.

1. Fun with Virtual Field Trips

Virtual field trips are seriously a favorite activity year after year. When I can pack these activities full of learning, it’s a win-win for everyone!

Student utilizing a printable page from a digital computer lab project template.

Using the virtual field trip passport as a computer lab project is easy with an editable digital version for students to complete online. Or, print out the template for students to create their very own passport to take home and show off.

The best part of the virtual field trip passport template is, you can pair it with any book, YouTube video, Google Maps, or geography unit.

Or, you can even use the super fun Google Expeditions to take your students on any of the fun and exciting virtual adventures they have to offer.

Some of my favorite ways and times to use the virtual field trip passport include:

  • multicultural days
  • geography lessons
  • paired with social studies units
  • exploring holidays around the world

This exciting virtual field trip passport template helps students record important information during their travels including facts they have learned, things they observed, and even describing their favorite part of the experience. This engaging computer lab project template is available for you right now in the Miss Tech Queen TPT store!

2. Social Media Templates for Computer Lab Projects

As you probably already know, our students are all about social media! So, what better way to engage them in learning than with something they already get super excited about?

Student drawing on a printable page from a digital computer lab project template.

I love using social media templates for computer lab projects because I know they are a great way to get my students thinking creatively while working on writing skills at the same time.

Whether I use the digital template or the printable template, I know my students will be engaged and ready to learn.

My students love creating their very own social media posts about a variety of topics including characters from stories, a real-life person we are studying, an event that has taken place either fictional or in real life, and so much more.

I also love to put these creative social media projects on display in our hallway or classroom bulletin board. It’s a great way to show off student learning!

You can grab all 8 of these social media themed templates in the Miss Tech Queen TPT store to add to your computer lab projects right now.

3. Brochure Template

My students love any opportunity to get creative! So, when I tell them it’s time to create their very own brochure you can feel the excitement in the room.

I love using brochure projects in my classroom! They are an easy and creative way for students to show their learning. When I can engage my student’s imaginations, I know I will have buy in! They will give me their best effort!

My students have created brochures to show off their learning after a health unit, an All About Me unit, and geography units. The sky is the limit with these fun brochure templates.

To get my students even more excited, I encourage some role-playing. When it’s time to show off the brochures, I give my students the option to dress up in character and share their brochures as they “teach” about what they have learned.

Consider partnering with a younger grade level and have your students show off their brochures in small groups. You could even organize a “tour” for parents to visit your classroom and hear all about the learning going on!

Because I know you and your students will love this activity as much as my students and I do, I have a FREE digital version available for you in the Miss Tech Queen TPT store right now!

Ready for Even More Fun and Exciting Computer Lab Projects?

In addition to these computer lab project templates, you can find more in the Miss Tech Queen store. Some other ready-to-use project templates include:

  • Digital Comic Strip Template – perfect for retelling a story, creative writing, explaining science concepts, or creating vocabulary focused dialogue. There are so many ways to use them and students absolutely love them!
  • Biography Template – your ready-to-use resource for learning about historical figures! A fun and easy way to connect technology with history.
  • Digital Journal Prompts – whether you use this as a daily journal writing activity or a quick write your students will love responding to these digital journal prompts. It’s a great way to sneak in some typing practice too!

Computer Lab Projects for the Entire Year!

All of these exciting templates, and more, are part of an incredible Google Classroom Digital Projects Bundle packed full of easy-to-use and ready-to-go elementary activities your students will love! They are seriously the easiest and best resource for your computer lab this school year!

digital projects for the computer lab using premade templates that students customize

STEM for a Year Club

Looking for even more fun and exciting ideas for your classroom? I have officially launched the STEM For a Year Club! This Bundle includes tons of fun and engaging STEM activities for the entire school year. Check it out now!

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