4 Winter Themed Digital Activities Your Students Will Love

Winter is a magical time of year filled with sledding, snowmen, and winter sports our students love. But, how do we bring the excitement and fun of the outdoors into the classroom? With exciting digital winter activities your students will love! Here are four of my favorite winter themed digital activities I use in my classroom. I can’t wait for you and your students to try them out in your classroom this winter!

Digital Winter Activities: Easy for You, Fun for Them!

We are smack dab in the middle of the school year. That means a lot is going on including mid-year assessments, data monitoring, growth tracking, state testing, and so much more. Just because you have so much going on doesn’t mean you can’t engage your students with fun learning opportunities. Work smarter, not harder right?

These no prep, ready to go winter themed digital activities include fun and easy activities for practicing skills like:

  • Coding
  • Team building
  • Spacial awareness
  • Digital object manipulation
  • Literacy

Because all of these winter themed activities are digital, it’s easy for you to assign and fun for students to complete. You can even assign these exciting winter themed digital activities to early finishers or as part of your tech curriculum this winter.

Winter BINGO

Ok, who doesn’t love BINGO? This is a class favorite no matter how it’s played. But, the best part of this bingo activity is the fact that you only need an electronic device and an internet connection for your students to participate in the fun. No getting out or figuring out storage for bingo cards, spinners, or bingo daubers.

Winter themed digital activities like this digital Bingo activity help students practice reading and identifying objects.

This digital winter activity is perfect for any age level. Because each digital card includes images and words, it’s a great way to get in some vocabulary practice as well.

I like to use this digital Bingo activity as a whole class game. I use my whiteboard and projector to project my digital spinner where everyone can see it. Sometimes, I will even ask if I have a student volunteer who wants to be the “spinner” and they get the responsibility of clicking the spinner for the class.

Not only do my students love this digital Bingo game but they also get in some practice with dragging and dropping objects within google slides as well. It’s great hand-eye coordination practice.

Digital Scavenger Hunt

I love the versatility of this digital scavenger hunt. You can ask your students to play in different ways depending on the learning environment. Each slide includes an image of an object and the word spelled out with the first letter missing. There is also a digital timer for students to press when they are ready to go hunting for an object that starts with the missing letter. This activity is super easy to differentiate for kids of all ages.

Winter themed digital activities like this scavenger hunt challenges students to find a missing letter and then objects around the room or through an internet search that start with the missing letter.

One way I use this digital scavenger hunt is to set it up as a center activity for older students. Because older students have had training on the responsible way to search for things on the internet, I feel more comfortable letting them search for the scavenger hunt items online.

Each slide includes an image and a word with a missing letter. The students have to figure out the missing letter and then search for an image of something that starts with the same letter. The timer is set for 2 minutes so students have to be ready to search, take a screenshot, and then upload the image to the “show what you have found slide”.

Another option for the digital scavenger hunt activity is to make it a whole group activity. Similar to the Bingo activity, I will project the slides onto my whiteboard. This works really well for my younger students in Kindergarten or 1st grade.

We discuss as a class what letter we think is missing. Then, I hit the timer, and students have 2 minutes to search the classroom for something that starts with the same letter. There are sure to be lots of giggles and fun running around when you set them loose to search.

This type of scavenger hunt also works really well as a movement break if you are teaching virtually. Instead of searching the classroom, students will find an object at home to share with the online class.

No matter how you choose to have your kiddos complete the digital scavenger hunt, they will have so much fun! It’s sure to be an instant hit in your classroom this winter.

This, That, Build!

This is a fun game-like activity that is great for getting to know more about your students too! It’s like playing This or That but with an engineering twist. This fast-paced building game gets your students to choose which they like more from the two options. Based on their answer they get to add a specific number of bricks to their collection which they will use to build with at the end of the game.

I generally do This, That, Build! as a whole class activity and it is the perfect way to fill a few extra minutes or end the day or week. All of the This or That questions can be projected on the board. You can manually scroll through the slides or just press play and let it run on its own.

When it comes to building time, you have options there too! While I love using real building bricks for some hands-on building, you don’t have to. Students can also build digitally using the digital bricks.

When I’m asking my students to complete the building challenge digitally, it’s great to know they are also getting in some technology practice like dragging and dropping, copying and pasting, and resizing digital objects.

This is definitely a class favorite in my room.

4. Brick Building

Being a STEM teacher, this winter brick building activity gets me excited because it also includes design thinking elements. I love giving my students the opportunity to practice design thinking as often as possible because it is not something that comes naturally to many people.

You also don’t have to be a STEM or design thinking expert to use this brick-building activity in your classroom. Everything your students will need to understand and complete the challenges is included in this awesome activity!

I love using this brick-building challenge as a team-building activity in my classroom. After grouping my students, there are slides for them to use to type a description of the building strategy their team will use and the jobs each of the students will have.

This resource includes building challenges for a variety of winter-themed objects, including:

  • Sled
  • Mitten
  • Snowflake
  • Hat
  • Snowman
  • Tree
  • Fireplace
  • Snowfort
  • Sweater

Some of the brick-building activities give students a lot of creative freedom, and some give more specific instructions. Some slides even include restrictions on the number of bricks that should be used for the build.

All of the fun activities not only get my kiddos practicing technology skills including bringing objects forward, sending them back, selecting more than one object at a time, moving, and resizing, but they also get in a little typing practice as well when completing the planning and reflecting slides.

Winter Themed Digital Activities Everyone Will Love

Check out this YouTube video for more information on these fun digital challenges in action!

All four of these winter themed digital activities are sure to get your kids excited about digital learning during the winter months. Be sure to grab these winter themed digital activities to use in your classroom today!

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These 4 winter themed digital activities are sure to get your students excited about learning this winter.

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