K-4 Digital Valentine’s Day activities

Digital Valentine’s Day activities are great for K-4. These activities are a great way to build classroom community and have fun. Here is a look at what I am doing in my classroom with digital Valentine’s day activities.

Digital Valentine’s Day Activity 1: Send Virtual Cards

My students’ favorite digital Valentine’s Day activity is making cards. Your students can easily create digital cards using Google, Pic EDU, Flipgrid & more. Get creative! Students can write messages and add photos to Google Slides. Create a new board on Flipgrid where students can leave video messages to each other. This can be a fun way to still spread kindness and love.

What I love to use to send virtual cards is Google Slides.

Click here to see these ready to use Digital Valentine’s Day cards. 

Digital Valentine’s Day Activity 2: STEM Challenge

STEM challenges make great digital Valentine’s Day activity. You don’t have to get too fancy, students can build with basic materials to complete a simple challenge that gets them thinking. I went to The Dollar Tree and bought foam balls & hearts. I combined these with toothpicks so that students could build their own 3D structures. Easily put these into paper bags or zip lock bags to pass out. Check out my students’ creations below.

Don’t forget to include the design process so students can plan, test, and improve their design. Students can record responses to STEM challenges digitally with Google Classroom, Seesaw, and Flipgrid. I also love displaying the challenge task card on the Smartboard for everyone to see. All of my Simple STEM challenges have printable & digital versions, so you can send this no prep version to your students. 

Digital Valentine’s Day Activity 3: Virtual Games

Virtual games are a perfect digital Valentine’s Day activity! You can use virtual Valentine’s Day games in any classroom setting. I was looking for something for my students to do that was simply just fun! We all need a little of that once in a while, right?!

I created my own bingo game using Google Slides and added moveable chips, so students could drag & drop right on screen. With Valentine’s Day digital bingo, students will move virtual chips onto their board so you don’t have to worry about passing them out. My students have loved playing this and always ask for more. I am going to play this as part of our Valentine’s Day activity.

A Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt is a great way for students to get up and move around. I share my screen with students so they can see what to find. You can quickly type this up in a slide show. To include a little problem solving, I left a letter out of a word, so students had to something that matches the missing letter. Give your students 1 or 2 minutes to look around before sharing what they found. 

Digital Valentine’s Day Activity 4: Virtual Building

My students virtual building as part of a Valentine’s day activity. Have you ever played this or that with your students before? I wanted to give it a little boost, so I added building into my THIS, THAT, BUILD game. I shared my screen with my students, they selected one choice from two, then were given a certain amount of blocks to add to their building. Some students built with real blocks, while others used the digital sheet.

We had so much fun! I will be using this again and again for Valentine’s Day. I give each student a small box of Lego so they can build at their desks. I grabbed these boxes from The Dollar Tree and split up all of my Lego. As we move through the slides, students keep building. After the slide show, I give students 5-10 minutes extra to build.

Digital Valentine’s Day Activity 4: Daily Check in & Agenda Slides

Get organized this Valentine’s Day. Agenda slides are a great way to display tasks in the morning as students enter the room. I even add our lunch orders, and morning announcements to it. To be honest, this helps me not forget about it! Throughout the day I display these Valentine’s Day agenda slides so that my students know what to do during independent work time. This has helped us all stay on track!

This week I will use Valentine’s Day daily check in forms to see how my students are doing. Sometimes students are shy and do not want to tell you face to face what is going on. I find students open up more while answering alone. You can even print them & hand them out. These forms are ready to use & even editable so you can customize them. This is a great way to see if students have any questions or are struggling at home. 

If you are looking for more digital Valentine’s Day Activities, I put all of these awesome resources into one Valentine’s Day party bundle for you!!! This way you can have a stress free week without all of the hassle planning and organizing!

I hope these digital Valentine’s Day activities help you find some fun, low prep ideas to use this week! Have a wonderful week. As always, message me if you have questions. 

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