Here are some of my favorites STEM books for kids that you can add to your collection today! 

Before starting a STEM or building challenge, I always read a book with my class. I love connecting literacy, sitting together on the carpet, and engaging my students in discussions. There are so many amazing books that can be tied into STEM! You can even create your own challenges based on them. Pick a common theme, problem, anything related to the book that the students can create.

The Blocks Come Out at Night by Javier Garay

These blocks come to life and sneak out at night to build! How fun is that. This book incorporates building terms, famous landmarks in France & even has a STEM challenge in the back of the book! You can pair this before any building challenges. Provide students with LEGO or wooden blocks and task cards to recreate different structures around the world.

The Crayon Man by Natascha Biebow

Ever wonder how crayons were invented? This book takes you through the journey of Edwin Binney & Crayola crayon company. To be honest, I did not know the full story until I read this book. Students are amazed by how crayons were first started. You can follow this book by challenging your students tobuild a crayon box to hold the most crayons. Use reusable materials or let students design and create with recyclables.

I created a crayon box STEM challenge that pairs great with this book. You can download it FREE to use with your own class! Just fill out the info below and check your inbox.


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Sophia Sparks by Elanor Best

Sophia is a spunky little girl who thinks she needs her bow to create! When she builds and problem solves without it, she discovers that her creativity is within her. This is a great motivational book, plus it includes a girl who rocks at building and being innovative! This can be used before any lesson.

Be a Maker by Katey Howes

A perfect start to any building challenge!! This book is inspiring and will get students to search for new ideas! Let your students brainstorm and use the design process to create anything they choose. I love using this towards the start of the year to get my students understanding that being a maker means they can create ANYTHING! Click here to view my matching STEM challenge!

Izzy Gizmo by Pip Jones

Izzy creates so many different inventions! In this book she helps a crow with a new pair of wings. Even when things are difficult, she does not give up! This is a great book to promote a growth mindset with your students. Izzy has a fun personality & creative mindnest.

My STEM Brain by Cherie Lebron

THis new book was written by a teacher!!! It is a perfect introduction to STEM. This book talks about each letter of STEM, different jobs in STEM and the design process. This pairs well with my STEM introduction booklet & is a great way to start off your class.

What do you do with…. Series! By Kobi Yamanda
An Idea, A Problem, A Chance.

I love this series!! This is a perfect read aloud for students that need a confidence boost. You can introduce a growth mindset and remind students that no idea is too small. Let students brainstorm all of their ideas!  For a related STEM challenge, click here. 

Iggy Peck, Architect! By Andrea Beaty

All of Andrea Beaty’s books are perfect for STEM challenges!! Iggy Peck is a boy who LOVES to build. I read Iggy Peck to my class and then we build bridges! First, we research bridges from all over the world. Next, students plan out their own bridge design. We discuss the different types of bridges. To test out the bridges, use cans of soup, pennies, anything heavy.  I have a matching stem challenge that you can use with your own class. Click here to view the STEM challenge.

Rosie Revere, Engineer

Rosie Revere is a talented little girl, but when her inventions don’t work, she starts to feel down. She keeps pushing through until she creates something magnificent! This book reminds students that it is okay to fail. Another great Andrea Beaty book that you can pair with any challenge.

I even found these adorable stuffed animals that match with each book at Walmart!

What to Do with A Box

This book reminds students that they can use anything to create, even a plain box. I read this to my students and then let them get creative!! They can turn a box into anything they wish. This is perfect around Earth Day or when you are discussing recycling!

Don’t be afraid to ask families for donations of tissue boxes, cardboard rolls & small boxes. Everyone has so many laying around, you will be surprised how many you can collect in a week. Check out my STEM recycling lesson here. 

There are so many amazing read alouds! Remember, have fun and let your students’ imaginations run wild! View PART TWO – More Amazing STEM Read Alouds or Check out 7 Technology Themed Books Your Students Will Love.

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