Read Across America Inspired STEM Activities

Do you celebrate Read Across America Week in your school? It is easy to integrate literacy with STEM challenges! Pick one of your favorite read aloud books and think about what theme is portrayed throughout the book. Is there a component that can be pulled out for students to work with? Is there a problem the character needs to solve? Is there a tool used in the book that students can recreate?

For example, Dr. Seuss’ book, The Lorax, has funny looking truffala trees. These trees are a huge part of the book. Students can easily create their own trees by using toilet paper tools, popsicle sticks, and pom poms. You can challenge students by asking them, “How many pom poms can they balance on their tree?” Students can practice counting, balancing, and problem solving during this simple activity.

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Students can also tie in literacy with STEM challenges by writing about what they created or describing the problems they faced while building. Always remind students of the design process and encourage them to improve their creations!

When you are in the classroom with young children it is important to allow them some freedom to create! Working with a partner or group is a great way to promote teamwork and collaboration skills. Simple exploration with various building materials can challenge our young learners!

Click here to view these activities!!

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