5 Easy Ways to Show off Your Love for STEM with Amazing STEM Merch

I love all things STEM and try to find ways to show off my love for STEM everywhere I go. That means you can find me in my favorite STEM shirts, with STEM stickers on my laptop and water bottles, sporting a STEM scrunchie, or even cuddling my favorite STEM pillow. And, the best part is STEM merch doesn’t have to be reserved for special occasions. I’m so excited to share with you some of my favorite STEM merch and how you too can show your love for STEM everywhere you go!

1. Casual Friday STEM Shirts

I know a lot of schools have casual Fridays allowing teachers to wear jeans, but sometimes that comes with the requirement to wear a school or teaching-themed shirt.

While I’m sure you love showing off your school spirit, sometimes it’s great to mix things up a little. That’s why I love having some colorful and exciting selections of STEM shirts to choose from.

STEM merch like this is great to wear any time of year! And it includes simple and colorful designs that show off your love for STEM.

Not only are STEM shirts like these perfect for pairing with jeans on casual Fridays, but they are great for field trips too!

What better way to show your love for STEM than when taking your students on a science museum field trip?

You can even get your teacher team together and get matching STEM shirts to wear on a casual Friday, teacher workday, or grade-level field trip.

It’s the best way to show off your whole team’s love for all things STEM!

2. Valentine’s Day STEM Merch

By now you can probably tell I love showing off my love for all things STEM whenever possible. And, when I can combine a holiday with STEM it’s a win/win in my book!

When the month of February rolls around and love is in the air, it’s time for me to start sporting some super cute STEM merch! I love how these shirts visually represent both the sweetness of Valentine’s Day and the creativity of STEM. The candy hearts shirt may just be my favorite!

STEM merch like Valentine's t-shirts are fun to wear on Valentine's Day!
STEM merch like Valentine's t-shirts are fun to wear on Valentine's Day!
STEM merch like Valentine's t-shirts are fun to wear on Valentine's Day!

I get tons of compliments when sporting these loveable shirts during the month of February!

3. Read Across America Day

Read Across America Day is usually a week-long event which means… you guessed it, lots of opportunities to wear my STEM shirts featuring Dr. Seuss-style graphics!

STEM merch like Dr. Suess t-shirts are fun to wear on Read Across America Day!
STEM merch like Dr. Suess t-shirts are fun to wear on Read Across America Day!

Because Read Across America Day falls in March, the weather hasn’t quite warmed up yet. This means it’s the perfect time for a long-sleeved STEM shirt! Pair it with a tall Cat in the Hat hat or some Thing 1 or Thing 2 blue hair and you are ready to show everyone “STEM is my thing!”

4. Celebrate Star Wars Day with STEM Merch

Okay, this has to be my favorite holiday of the year! Star Wars Day is ALWAYS something I look forward to celebrating with my students. And, you better believe I have merch for that!

Whether it’s May the 4th or Revenge of the Fifth, I’ve got a Star Wars-themed STEM shirt for it. Because I love Star Wars, STEM, and Teaching, you better believe I sport my “Teacher by day, Jedi by Night” shirt outside of school as well.

May the fourth STEM merch is fun to wear.

In addition to these super cool shirts, I have tons of amazing Star Wars Day-themed STEM lessons ready for you in the Miss Tech Queen TPT store! This May Fourth Inspired Mega Bundle has everything you need from classroom decor to bookmarks, to robot STEM challenges, and MORE! Be sure to check it out today!

5. STEM Stickers and MORE

If you love STEM as much as I do, chances are you are looking for ways to show off your love of STEM every single day.

That’s why I made sure to create some unique STEM merch like pillows, scrunchies, and stickers. They are perfect for any day of the year and don’t have to be reserved for a special holiday.

My water bottles, notebooks, laptop, and planners are covered with STEM stickers! They are also perfect to hand out to your students as special surprises or rewards for completing a STEM challenge in your classroom. I have even used STEM stickers as gifts for my co-worker’s birthdays or “just because”.

Stickers like these are great for showing off your love of STEM and are a great addition to your STEM merch collection!
STEM Sticker sheet for notebook, laptop, water bottle or anywhere you like to add stickers.
Design Process STEM sticker

You can find these and more STEM and technology stickers in the Miss Tech Queen Etsy shop.

I keep a couple of STEM pillows in my classroom for my reading center or carpet time. My students really love them and they are definitely a hot commodity in my classroom!

Miss Tech Queen STEM Merch has you Covered!

With so many options to choose from, you will be able to show off your love for STEM all year round! Be sure to check out my Miss Tech Queen ETSY store for even more STEM merch you are sure to love!

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