6 STEM Bulletin Board Ideas to Use in Your Classroom This Year

Bulletin boards are a staple in every classroom and hallway throughout a school. They are a bright and colorful way to show off learning, applaud student success, and highlight curriculum. Because I have taught STEM for years, I have had the opportunity to create a lot of STEM bulletin boards for my classroom, door, and hallways. I am so excited to share these 6 awesome STEM bulletin board ideas for you to use in your classroom or hallways this school year.

1. Start Your Year Right

Get your students excited about all of the fun you will be having in your classroom as you learn about STEM with this colorful “Get in Gear for an Awesome Year!” bulletin board.

Using easy-to-print and cut gears of all shapes and sizes, it’s easy to choose the colors that work best for your classroom decor.

Then, use a BITMOJI Avatar of yourself to complete the look and give it a fun flair.

2. Celebrate Halloween With a Spooktacular STEM Bulletin Board

Welcome the spooky season to your hallways with this fun Halloween-themed STEM bulletin board.

Create a spooktacular banner with easy-to-print and cut letters featuring adorable line drawings.

Add even more fun to your bulletin board by featuring student writing. Print out lined writing prompt pages or use the cute Halloween-themed shapes for students to write their responses.

Whether you teach STEM, STEAM, or TECH, you can create a bulletin board to fit your needs and celebrate the spooky season in style.

3. Winter Bulletin Board

Winter bulletin boards are sure to be a hit when you get your students involved. With the “STEM is Worth Melting For” bulletin board set, you can create a display featuring your student’s favorite STEM activities.

So, I like to pass out a snowflake to each student and ask my students to write down their favorite STEM activity. It’s a great way to get my students to reflect on fun STEM projects we have already done.

The letters and snowflakes are easy to print and cut, or you can even use your Cricut to cut out the letters and shapes. No matter which method you use, this bulletin board will brighten up your classroom, door, or hallway during the winter months.

4. February Bulletin Board

By now, your students have had the opportunity to find out how amazing STEM is.

Celebrate your love for STEM with this Fall in Love With STEAM bulletin board kit.

Celebrate your student’s love of STEM with an easy-to-print, cut, and assemble bulletin board or door display perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Use the included writing prompts to get your students excited to write about what they love most about STEM. Then, you can include them in the bulletin board display for everyone to see.

I love seeing what each of my students loves most about our STEM classes. And what I love even more about this activity? My students get in some extra writing practice at the same time.

5. Celebrate National Read Across America Day

If your school goes all out for National Read Across America Day with bulletin board or hallway decorating, this amazing bulletin board set has you covered. With fun, Dr. Seuss-themed letter fonts and easy-to-print and cut balloons, your bulletin board is sure to be a success.

Choose the lined paper or hot air balloon shapes with the sentence stem, “With STEM I Can…” . This will get your students to think about ways STEM can lead to exciting careers. Then, for an extra pop of color, ask students to decorate and color their hot air balloons.

6. Celebrate Your Amazing Students

Your students are incredible and you want the whole world to know it right!? With the STEM lightbulb bulletin board you can do just that!

I take some time to ask my students to brainstorm ways they “shine”. This could be anything from being friends with classmates, always trying their best, helping others, or following classroom rules.

I love to use the included lightbulb clipart for my students to write their positive notes. Displaying this positivity for everyone else to see is a great way to celebrate your amazing students!

This bulletin board is perfect for any enrichment classroom. And, it is sure to brighten up your hallways or classroom with positivity!

See it in Action

Check out the video below to see examples of these bulletin board designs in my classroom.

Bulletin Boards for the Whole Year

It can be difficult to constantly come up with ideas for bulletin boards throughout the year. Because of this, the STEM Bulletin Board Bundle is the perfect addition to your classroom.

With 18 decor kits included in the bundle, you will have all the design ideas you need to brighten up your classroom wall, door, or hallways this year. Alternate them as the year goes on!

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