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Looking to Celebrate computer science with your students? Computer Science Education Week takes place every December all around the world! You may have heard of the Hour of Code, this is a huge initiative with Code.Org to promote programming with our youth. I have been participating in this with my students since 2013!!!! 

If you have never focused on coding in your classroom before, this is a great time to start. I begin my computer science unit in December and extend it into January or February. I am so passionate about computer science & believe students should have the opportunity to learn about technology, create their own code, problem solve, and more. These skills help our students prepare for the future.

I created a free guide to provide you with resources for iPads, computers, and even unplugged activities if you have a shortage of devices! Every student should have the chance to participate during Computer Science Education Week. If you can not dedicate a lot of time, think about a Fun Friday period, Maker Monday, or Tinker Tuesday.  There are many ways to include CS into your classroom!


If you have never used code before, this is a perfect place to start. Many sites have lessons that are easy to use and ready to go! Kodable, Code Karts, Code.org are some of my favorite and can range from K to upper elementary grades. Send your students a list of free coding apps and websites they can even download and use at home.


Have robots in your classroom? Using activity mats is an easy way to tie in curriculum topics while students program the robot. Students work in pairs to pick cards and match the question to an answer on the activity mat. They then must program their bot to get to that specific spot. It gives the students more direction and structure while practicing various skills.

Grab a FREE maze for your Ozobots here.


Code without a device and still teach your students problem solving skills. I review vocabulary terms with my students at the start of any activity. Simply print out these activity sheets or email them to your students. All you need is paper & a pencil to begin coding!

Here are some of my other favorite unplugged activities on Amazon

This coding bundle has everything you need to get started this year!!!! These activities are low prep and easy to do across multiple grade levels.

Celebrate your students’ accomplishments with these FREE coding certificates or coding crowns!

I hope you participate in the Hour of Code, and even go beyond just one hour!!! No matter how you choose to celebrate CS, know that you will be helping your students develop a deeper understanding of these important skills. Have fun, try something new, and CODE ON!!!!

Ever fear your students will drop their iPads while coding??? I recommend Rug-Ed’s ProLOCK iPad case (as seen on my iPads above). Ever since I started using their case, I have loved all of the features. I never worry that an iPad will break as my students move around the room. The case has corner bumpers and a handle! There is even a detachable stand, which makes it easy for my students to work. Rug-Ed’s case has helped me keep my iPads safe at school and at home!

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Cases are compatible with iPad 5th/6th/7th Gen, iPad Air/Air2, iPad Pro, & iPad mini 4 

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