Hour of Code Activities: Unlock the World of Coding

Are you ready to ignite your students’ passion for computer science? Computer Science Education Week is a global event that takes place every December. It’s the perfect opportunity to dive into the fascinating world of code. You’ve probably heard of the Hour of Code, a remarkable initiative by Code.org aimed at introducing programming to our youth. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in this event with my students since 2013, and the excitement never wanes!

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Unlock the world of coding with these fun hour of code ideas your students will love.

Why Code in Your Classroom?

Coding in your classroom helps students develop problem solving skills and can be used beyond the hour of code.

If you’ve never explored the wonders of coding with your students, Computer Science Education Week is the ideal starting point.

I kick off my computer science unit in December, extending it into January or February because I’m deeply passionate about computer science.

I firmly believe that every student should have the opportunity to learn about technology, create their own code, develop problem-solving skills, and so much more.

These essential skills are the building blocks for their future success.

Free Resources for Everyone!

To help you get started, I’ve put together a free Computer Science guide.

Use the free resources in the FREE Computer Science Guide to get your started with your hour of code activities this year.

It’s packed with resources for iPads, computers, and even unplugged activities for those times when devices are in short supply.

I strongly advocate for ensuring every student can participate during Computer Science Education Week.

Don’t worry if you can’t dedicate a lot of time. You can integrate coding into your classroom with ease.

Think about dedicating a Fun Friday period, Maker Monday, or Tinker Tuesday. There are many creative ways to make computer science part of your curriculum!

Apps and Websites for All Ages

For those who have never dipped their toes into the coding waters, there are numerous user-friendly websites and apps to explore. My personal favorites include:


A friendly guide that helps young kids explore the exciting world of coding and computer science. With its user-friendly interface and a curriculum that’s as easy as pie, it makes learning about algorithms, problem-solving, and the basics of coding a piece of cake.

Use the website, Kodable.com for fun and exciting coding and computer science activities you can easily include in your hour of code activities this year.

Teachers love using Kodable to bring a fun and interactive coding experience to their students, making it a fantastic tool for introducing the wonders of coding and computational thinking in the classroom.

Code Karts

Code Karts is your ticket to a thrilling adventure in the world of coding, perfect for young learners. It’s like a fun, high-speed ride that introduces kids to coding in an engaging and accessible way. Teachers find it an exciting tool to teach coding basics to their students, making it feel more like an adventurous journey rather than a classroom lesson.

With Code Karts, coding becomes a fun race to explore and learn!


Code.org is the grand central station of coding education. It’s a one-stop hub for all things coding and computer science. It offers an array of resources, lessons, and interactive activities.

Teachers love using Code.org to empower their students with coding skills in a fun and engaging way. It’s the ultimate destination for anyone looking to embark on a coding adventure!

These resources cover a wide range of grade levels, from kindergarten to upper elementary. You can even provide your students with a list of free coding apps and websites they can use at home.

Unleash the Power of Bots in Your Hour of Code

If you have robots in your classroom, activity mats are a fantastic way to tie curriculum topics into your coding lessons.

Encourage your students to work in pairs, drawing cards, and matching questions to answers on the activity mat.

Then, they must program their bot to navigate to the specified spot.

This approach provides structure while helping students practice a variety of skills.

I’ve even prepared a free maze for your Ozobots, making it easier than ever to get started!

Grab two free mazes when you sign up for emails to help set your students up for success with problem-solving and coding! Grab a FREE mazes for your Ozobots here.

Coding Without Devices? No Problem!

Teaching coding doesn’t always require devices. You can teach your students valuable problem-solving skills by reviewing vocabulary terms at the start of any activity.

Simply print out these activity sheets or send them to your students via email. All you need is paper and a pencil to embark on your coding adventure. Code without a device and still teach your students problem-solving skills.

I review and use these coding vocabulary term posters with my students at the start of any activity. Then students dive into this fun activity!

Simply print out these Unplugged Coding activities or email them to your students. All you need is paper & a pencil to begin coding!

All-Inclusive Coding Bundle

This Unplugged Coding Starter bundle has everything you need to kickstart your coding journey this year! These activities are low-prep and adaptable for a wide range of grade levels.

Celebrate Computer Science without a device! This Unplugged Coding Starter Bundle is the perfect way to introduce your students to the exciting world of computer coding, and it’s tailor-made for The Hour of Code. With this bundle, there’s no need for devices or screens – it’s a screen-free coding adventure!

More Coding Resources for Hour of Code

If you’re looking for coding resources for Hour of Code, check out some of my personal favorites on Amazon. These resources make engaging students in hands-on coding experiences spanning multiple grade levels easy. From Lego to Learning Resources to Sphero, there is a new resource that will affordably fit into your classroom!

Celebrate Your Students’ Achievements

Don’t forget to celebrate your students’ accomplishments with these free coding certificates and Hour of Code Activity crowns. Recognition goes a long way in motivating your young coders.

Artificial Intelligence and More

The world of computer science is ever-evolving. It’s essential to keep your students updated. Explore the new resources available on the Hour of Code website to incorporate artificial intelligence and cutting-edge topics into your coding lessons.

Live Lessons from Code.Org

Throughout Computer Science Education Week, Code.org offers a variety of lessons and activities that can inject new energy into your classroom. It’s a fantastic way to keep your students engaged and excited about coding. Make sure to plan ahead so you don’t miss anything. You can see all the Hour of Code events here!

Beyond the Hour of Code

I encourage you to not limit your coding adventures to just one hour. Whether you’re a coding enthusiast or a novice, embracing computer science education can profoundly impact your students. Try something new, be adventurous, and code on!

Time to Crack the Code!

Computer Science Education Week is a golden chance to open the doors to the captivating realm of coding for your students. Whether you’re a coding expert or taking your first steps in this digital journey, you’ll find a treasure trove of resources and activities suited for every classroom. It’s like an invitation to embark on a thrilling adventure that awaits! So, why wait? Take the plunge into the world of coding and equip your students with vital skills that will light their path into the future! Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to ignite their passion for technology and problem-solving.

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