7 Creative Ways to Incorporate STEM Learning at Home


Create a STEM choice board for your students. You can add different types of activities that will keep students engaged and thinking. Students can complete activities online or at home, then record them on Google Slides. Incorporate other websites, science experiments and more! The choices will provide a variety of options for students who may not have specific materials.

Grab this free TIC-TAC-STEM board here!


Use technology to send STEM challenges home for students. I do not require any specific materials, instead I give my students the option to build with what they have at home. I’ve seen soup cans and plastic cups build incredible things! Students can record their responses and include photos on digital sheets. Try a digital engineer notebook! You can even use Flipgrid, so students can record video and share their creations!


Your students can create their own stop motion videos! All they need is a device, the app, and a few toys. Stop Motion Studio is a free app that allows them to take multiple photos, edit, and speed it up to make the photos appear animated. There is soo much you can do with Stop Motion studio with multiple subject areas and ages. My students as young as 8 have used stop motion.  View my animation starter kit here. 


My students LOVE coding games, and they don’t even realize how much problem solving and critical thinking they are doing. Instead of students playing video games at home, try coding! Grab an iPad and download these awesome apps!

Box Island, Kodable, and Code Safari are free and a great way to practice coding anywhere. You can head to Code.Org or MadewithCode.com for more fun and full curriculums. 


Genius Hour is a great way to engage students and let them work on a project they are passionate about. These are student led projects without restrictions. They can be easily completed at home or in school.

I created a starter kit with ready to go Google Forms so you can track students’ progress and hold them accountable. This is a perfect way to track students as they work on their own/at home. The ready to go slideshow with videos will explain step by step on what to do and how Genius Hour works. Your students can watch before they start. Students can work for 30 minutes or two hours each day on their project, it is up to you and them. Ignite students interests with Genius Hour! Click here to see this resource.


Lacking supplies at home? No problem! You can build virtually with the help of technology. Building Block Toy is a free app where students can complete puzzles with blocks and form various letters, numbers, and photos. Perfect for building and problem solving. This one will get students thinking! Click here to download.

I created my own digital team building activity. You can assign multiple students access to the same slides, so they can build together. Students will drag the blocks to complete challenges. See more here.


Do your students like to color? The Quiver app lets you use augmented reality with a simple coloring sheet. AR is when you bring something virtual into your world. Students can see butterflies, dolphins, and trucks come to life right in front of them!!! You must use the Quiver color sheets for this to work. Once students color in the sheet, hold the iPad over to bring it to life!! Click here for the sheets. Look for the free banner. Use my Youtube Lesson on AR in your class!


Did you spot those colorful iPad cases in my photos above? I absolutely love these cases by Rug-Ed. You can see from my photos that they come in all sorts of fun colors! Their ProLOCK iPad case is durable and takes away my fear of an iPad dropping. Plus there are so many amazing features! The detachable stand makes it easy to prop my iPad up while I work and cast my screen over video calls. The corner bumpers give me confidence that my iPad has 24/7 protection. The handle makes it easy to grab and move around quickly without feeling like my iPad can slip. Both at home and in my classroom, Rug-Ed’s case has helped me integrate technology & apps while learning on the go. 

Right now, you can grab one of these cases with an additional 10% off. Just use the promo code TECHQUEEN10 Learn more here 

Cases are compatible with iPad 5th/6th/7th Gen, iPad Air/Air2, iPad Pro, & iPad mini 4 & 5.

As always, drop a comment below or email me with any questions. I am happy to help in any way! Remember, you are AMAZING! These are new & challenging times, you got this!


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