Looking for some easy to prep digital learning activities? There are many engaging, yet purposeful activities students can do independently. These projects are easy to share on Google Classroom, and you can even grade digitally! If you have a student that can not go on the computer, you can download the lessons and print them out to complete.

I am about to share some of my favorite digital learning activities! I have used these projects for a variety of grade levels ranging from second to sixth. They require little prep for you, but are super engaging for students. This also allows for personalized learning, as students can create their own style, and even their own topic. These projects are completed with Google Slides and Drawings. 

Here are some of my students’ favorite DIgitial learning activities:

digital learning activity 1: Create a Comic Strip

My students love creating digital comic strips. It is easy to set up and allows for so much differentiation. To create your own comic strip, first set up a template that students can follow in Google Slides. I suggest adding a table or shapes to form comic strip squares. Save this slide as an image and then add that image to a new slide as the background. This will allow students to add in details, without moving anything around.

Comic strips can be used for so many different subject areas. Some suggested topics include:

  • Recreate a story
  • Depict a historical event 
  • Teach a lesson (SEL)
  • Digital Citizenship

Students can be very creative and add in their own photos from the internet. My students Googled different characters, backgrounds and props. They used the shape tool to add text boxes, speech bubbles and more. I allow my students to really take this project & make it their own! I am always so pleasantly surprised by what they create.

Click here to view more details on the comic strip project. 


Creating a brochure is a classic project, and so easy to convert to digital use. I use Google Slides and set up two slides for students to type in. I create three columns on each page so if the brochure is printed, it folds correctly.

My students have so much fun customizing these brochures with fun fonts and colors. They add graphics to explain their topic. You can create a brochure for many different themes. Try creating one for:

  • Travel
  • Health
  • About Me
  • Natural Disasters 

Click here for this FREE template to use with your own students.


Genius Hour is a great way to engage students and let them work on a project they are passionate about. This resource comes with ready to go Google Forms so you can track students’ progress and hold them accountable. This is a perfect way to track students as they work on their own/at home.

The ready to go slideshow with videos will explain step by step on what to do and how Genius Hour works. Your students can watch before they start. Students can work for 30 minutes or two hours each day on their project, it is up to you and them. 

Ignite students interests with Genius Hour! Click here to see this resource.

DIGITAL LEARNING ACTIVITY 4: Create a Social Media Post

Are your students obsessed with social media? Tie in your curriculum content in a way that will grab students' attention.

Print out or use digitally!
  • Visualize an event in a story
  • Character’s point of view
  • Teach a lesson about being kind
  • Historical figure’s point of view

Get social with this project!


Create a newsletter for your school. This project comes with 8 different templates. Four that are ready to use and seven blank ones to add your own titles. Switch it up with these topics:

  • Create an article on a current event
  • Class writer – updates on what is happening in the classroom/school
  • Historical figure – create an article on an important person
  • Update on a science topic 

Click here to Spread the news around your school!

I hope these lessons help you plan ahead and stay organized. They will be quick to set up, but last you through many years, as you can constantly switch up the topic assignment.

New to using Google? Don’t worry! All of my digital projects come with detailed instructions on how to share to Google Classroom, grade, use various tools, download to your computer, and more. You will be a pro in no time. 

Comment below with any other ideas you have for digital projects!!

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