Using Classroom Agenda Slides to Manage Your Day

We all know the questions, “What are we doing today?” “When’s lunch?” “What’s for lunch?” “What time is P.E.?” Now we are not only getting these questions in the classroom, but also with our online students. Our kiddos love to know what is going on throughout the day, and we love not having to answer daily schedule questions 20 times a day. Normally we put a schedule on the board, and this still works, but there is a better way! Enter in, Classroom Agenda Slides! These are the perfect way to communicate with your students both in the classroom and online! And the best part is, you can use them in any part of your day, not just the beginning of the day! Let’s dive into some great uses for Classroom Agenda Slides and I promise you’ll be hooked!

What are Classroom Agenda Slides?

Classroom Agenda Slides are exactly what they sound like! They are slides where you post important information that you want to communicate with your students like the daily schedule, transitions, groupings, homework, etc. The best part about agenda slides is that they are SUPER easy to set up and use! If you are familiar with Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Keynote, you are ready to go! You can create your own or use ready made templates. Design a background, add text boxes, GIFs, Bitmojis and make it fun!

How to Use Classroom Agenda Slides

Morning Slides

One of the best uses for classroom agenda slides is to have them be a part of your students’ morning routine. Having students know exactly what to do when they come into the classroom is one of our best management tools, and these agenda slides just made it even easier. You can use these slides to have students look at the daily schedule for the day and or week. They can also be used to list what you would like your students to work on in the morning. I love using these for my daily questions and also for posting lunches and breakfasts for the week.This can also be a great time to have students read through reminders for the week and listing materials they will need for class.

Transition Time

Classroom agenda slides can also be used for transition time! Transitions can be one of the biggest waste of time when our students don’t transition quickly. They can be specifically tricky with our online students as they face so many distractions around them at home. This is exactly where agenda slides can come to the rescue. You can use agenda slides to post a timer to help students see how much time they have left. Add in a video directly from YouTube in just a few clicks. Select insert → YouTube video. You can also use the slides to post brain break ideas for your students to choose from. My favorite way to use agenda slides for posting Youtube videos for shake breaks, so I don’t need to even leave the slide show. 

Group Work

Another great use for classroom agenda slides is during group work. Group work is one of my favorite ways to teach in my classroom, but it’s not always easy. With agenda slides I can easily set up different stations and what to do at each station. This makes it so my students don’t have to remember what the expectations are for each place and frees me up to walk around the room supporting students. STEM time is easy when everything is displayed on the board.

You can also use agenda slides to easily group students. Have you ever numbered your students making them promise not to forget their numbers only to have 5-7 students come and ask you what their number was? I know I have! That is in days of the past with agenda slides! You can randomly or specifically group students and then post those groupings on the slides. Now students can easily see exactly who they are supposed to be with and you don’t have half your class asking you to remember their number! Also as a side note, while random grouping can be great, there is power in purposefully grouping your students and by creating an agenda slide, it allows you to take the time to think through your groupings.


These daily slides are easy to customized with your own text, photos & videos. Ready to use in your classroom today & includes over 450 themed templates!!

Why Use Classroom Agenda Slides?

Benefits for Students

Besides all of the amazing reasons listed above, classroom agenda slides are also great for our students too! They help our students to foster independence and stay on task which is a win all around. Students progressively need to become more responsible for their education and when we give them the chances, they soar! Agenda slides are a great way to start with any age as they can be as specific as you make them. They put the responsibility on the students shoulders to do what needs to be done. When you add a timer or checklist that is returned to you, they can also be used to hold students accountable.

Fun, fun fun!

Classroom agenda slides can also be a lot of fun! You can personalize them and make them your own! You could include a daily joke or riddle, bitmojis, themes, colors, gifs, etc! Students love technology and when we integrate it into our classroom in a fun and seamless way, we all thrive!

Classroom agenda slides are your next super power as we already start thinking about next year. They are easy, fun, and have SO many benefits! If you aren’t sure you have the time or energy to create your own amazing classroom agenda slides, check out my bundle here! I’ve got tons of super fun themes, easy instructions, and they are totally personalizable! So go and enjoy the summer and let me do the work for you so you are ready for school with classroom agenda slides next fall!

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