Favorites STEM Items from ISTE 2019

This year the International Society for Technology Education Convention was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was able to attend two days of the convention, since our last day of school fell right in the middle. I was blown away by all of the new technology resources and tools available and headed our way! I want to share with you some of my favorite finds from ISTE. Click here for various items on Amazon.

3dux designs

3Dux Designs are a cardboard construction kit that comes with reusable connectors that hold multiple pieces of cardboard together. This is perfect for any classroom or makerspace setting. What is cool about this kit, is that it was created by two students in college!!! I love any new start up company, and this one is family run. The connectors make it easy for students to use their imagination and build anything. The kits do come with pieces of cardboard cut in different shapes and sizes. Don’t let that stop you from using your own cardboard too!! Their larger classroom kit even comes with LED lights, so students can light up their designs. I will definitely be buying this for my classroom!

osmo little genius

OSMO just released their new Little Genius kit at ISTE. This kit can be used with students as young as age 3. It was created with a Montessori touch and helps build fine motor skills. The hands on manipulatives allows students to create letters, numbers, and other objects while playing. It comes with four different games. This is a perfect way to incorporate technology into a preschool or kindergarten classroom. I use OSMO kits for stations to allow students to work together in a pair or rotate between various stations.

Marbotic smart numbers & letters

The Marbotic Smart Number and Letters caught my eye when a young girl was spelling her name on an iPad by grabbing a wooden letter and pressing it onto the screen. I thought this was so neat, and walked over to find out some more information. These letters and numbers are specially designed to be touch sensitive on an iPad and are inspired by the Montessori method. Students can practice spelling, sounds, math skills through various free apps. Students use the physical wooden pieces and stamp them onto an iPad screen while using the apps. I love how this combines technology with hands-on and infuses important academic skills!

microsoft make code

Do you teach coding in your classroom? Microsoft has an entire website, Makecode geared towards project based learning. I loved hearing about this website because it allows students to create their own projects that can be downloaded to various devices. Students can code specific directions for Wonder robots, Lego kits, and Microbits.

For $40 you can buy a Meowbit extender piece that looks like a mini video game holder. Students can actually code their own video game and then easily download it to the microbit. They can then play their game in a hands on way. They even give you directions on how to create an actual arcade out of cardboard. It seems like a lot of work, but if you have older students this can be an awesome hands on project!!! The cost is low and students can then upload their own games to the arcade. How cool would that be?!!! Brings purpose to playing video games!

qlone app

The Qlone App totally blew my mind at ISTE!!! This app is allows you to scan any object in seconds. In then converts the model into the app and allows you to use augmented reality to bring it to life. If you have a 3D printer in your school, you can export the scanned object to a OBJ or STL file (and more). This is so helpful because students can create their own designs with something as easy as play-doh and then scan it to do more! Certain options in this app you must pay for, but for the post part it is free!!! Check it out here.

Next year the ISTE convention will be in California! I hope to attend again! I had such a great time, I even presented at the Mackin Booth.

Comment below if you will be going or if you found anything else at ISTE!

If you have any questions about these items, please don’t hesitate to email me or send me a message through social media.

Stay Creative!
– Dena

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