Are you looking for activities to share with your students? Here are 10 of my favorite FREE apps and how I use them. 


This is a basic coding app. Students move arrows to program a box through different paths. 20 levels are offered for free. Perfect for as low as kindergarten. The students love it! Click here to download.


Create fun videos and make any photo talk with this app! Give students themes to work on. For example, research a famous president and give five facts. Students can find a photo of a president, research facts, then use Chatterpix to “be that president.” Target SEL and use it as a fun way to send silly greetings to other people.  Click here to download.

Draw & Tell

A simple drawing app for students at any age. Use the ready to go coloring pages or create your own. This is great for various projects. Students can use the lined paper to practice writing letters or words. I have students practice writing rhyming words and word families! Click here to download.


Introduce your students to augmented really with Quiver! AR is when you bring something virtual into your world. Students can see butterflies, dolphins, and trucks come to life right in front of them!!! You must use the Quiver color sheets for this to work. Once students color in the sheet, hold the iPad over to bring it to life!! Click here for the sheets. Look for the free banner.
Use my Youtube Lesson on AR in your class!

Texting Story

Use this app to write a texting story! This is a fun way to show character point of view, describe an event, retell a story. The conversation can be saved as a video and then emailed or uploaded to Google Classroom for you to see.  Click here.

Stop Motion Studio

Your students can create their own stop motion videos! All they need is a device, the app, and a few toys. There is soo much you can do with Stop Motion studio with multiple subject areas. View my animation starter kit here. 


Another great coding app for kindergarten students and up. You can create classes and provide each student with their own log in. This allows you to keep track of their progress. Not all levels are free, but there are many free levels that will provide students with loads of fun and the basics to programming. Click here.


This geoboard app is perfect for practicing creating shapes in math. Students can use their creativity and thinking skills to create various photos on the geoboard. Try creating your own photo, take a screenshot, and send it to students to recreate. Use on the web or app.

Building Block Toy

Virtual building blocks? Yes please! Students can complete puzzles with blocks and form various letters, numbers, and photos. Perfect for building and problem solving. This one will get students thinking! Click here to download.


Totally free for educators and students. You can create a grid (like a classroom) and many topics. This is a perfect way to see your students' faces every day! Think of it like a discussion board or huge group chat, but with video only. Read a book to your students, have students record themselves reading, send a happy birthday message to a classmate, talk about ways to be kind. There are so many opportunities! Head here for more.

Comment below and let me know your favorite apps! Have you tried any of these? Do you have any other project ideas? I'd love to hear from you!

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