Do you want free items for your classroom? Wishing you had new furniture, technology or supplies? Have you created a page on Donors Choose?? If you haven't, you need to sign up now! Donors Choose is an incredible website that allows you to shop for items in your classroom and receive donations for them, which means you get them for FREE.

I started my first project on Donors Choose in 2016 and requested virtual reality glasses for my classroom. I was thrilled when several anonymous donors gave money towards my project, and it got fully funded. From then, I created many more projects! To date, I have received over $2,000 in funding and was able to receive Chromebooks, Osmos, robots, building materials and more. You can even apply to attend professional development workshops or for class trips!

How to start

You must take advantage of this great opportunity! To get started use this link This special link that allows you to receive a free $50 to start! When you submit your first project, Donors Choose will match donations to their project during its first week. That means if you get a donation of $20, it will automatically double to $40!!!

What to write in 5 EASY steps

Don't get freaked out by the paperwork!! Donors Choose makes it very simple for us busy teachers to create a project. Start by brainstorming ideas on what you would love for your students. Use this PDF to brainstorm – Click here..
When you have selected a topic, begin your project.
1. Fill in your grade level & subject
2. Write about your students and town
3. Shop from various stores such as: Amazon, Best Buy, Lakeshore, School Specialty, Lego Education, Time for Kids and more. The website brings you directly to the store site where you can shop online like normal.
4. Explain what is in your cart in one sentence! Sort of like a tag line.
5. Write about the project is about and how it will help your students in 1- 2 paragraphs.

You're all done!!! Post your project and start sharing it!

Who to share your page with

I share my page with family and friends! At first I felt shy and embarrassed to do that, but then I realized how much I love to donate to various causes. Whenever I see a post from someone else, I always give, so I thought maybe others feel the same way. A little goes a long way!!! I decided to start sharing on social media for my friends and family, along with teacher social media accounts. I have received many donations from them and they are so excited to help my students and classroom.

There are also many random donations that occur. My last project was fully funded with $350 from an anonymous donor!!! By having a project on the website, you give yourself the opportunity to get donated to by anyone!

Some more TIPS

Keep a look out for special promotions and events!!! Every so often Donors Choose will have promotions from other organizations where donations are matched or doubled! This is a great time to share your project!

Click here to view specific projects and content areas that have match offers.

There has also been circumstances where a donor funded many projects at once!!!! So you never really know!
As they say, you have to be in it to win it!

So what will you request for your classroom? Comment below and let me know!!
If you are still stuck, don't hesitate to reach out to me with questions. Good luck!!!

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